UPDATE: UK Chancellor announces boiler scrappage scheme

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The UK 2009 Pre-Budget Report has announced a green boiler incentive that will allocate £400 to up to 125,000 households to replace their inefficient boilers with the latest efficient boiler models or renewable heat systems such as heat pumps. NEW: Learn more about the scheme that was officially launched on 5 January and how heat pump installations are now eligible for up to £1,600 of assistance.

In the beginning of December, British Chancellor Alistair Darling delivered to the Parliament the 2009 Pre-Budget Report, a document that provides an update of the state of the economy and public finances, while setting out the direction of Government policy in the run-up to the spring budget. In this year's statement, the Chancellor set out how the Government plans to support a sustainable economic recovery. Overall, the Pre-Budget Report announced a further £400 million over the next two years to support green growth and the development of low-carbon technologies, with initiatives including a boiler scrappage scheme. The Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme was officially launched on 5 January 2010.

£50 million available to replace old boilers with efficient ones or renewable heat systems

With domestic heating accounting for 13% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, the new package will provide £50 million to fund a greener boiler incentive to encourage households to upgrade to more efficient heating systems. A £400 incentive will be offered to up to 125,000 households to upgrade their working G-rated boilers to the latest efficient boiler models or renewable heat units, such as heat pumps.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the UK-based organisation focused on promoting action that leads to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, there are currently around 4 million G-rated gas boilers in the UK.

Eligible technologies

Eligible technologies include:
  • A-rated or equivalent gas, oil or LPG boilers
  • Boilers with a Passive Flue Heat Recovery Device
  • Micro CHP units
  • Microgeneration Certification Scheme-registered biomass boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar Thermal if combined with an eligible boiler replacement
Electric boilers, on the other hand, are not eligible.

Heat pumps are now eligible for up to £1,600 of assistance

Households may apply for both the Boiler Scrappage Scheme and the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, the main funding UK scheme for the installation of microgeration technologies by households that is providing grants for renewable heat generating technologies including heat pumps until late 2010.

With the Low Carbon Buildings Programme offering a maximum of £900 for air source heat pumps and £1,200 for ground source heat pumps, households replacing their G-rated or worse boiler with a heat pump will be able to receive a total assistance of up to:
  • £1,300 for air source heat pumps
  • £1,600 for ground source heat pumps
The application procedure

Households that believe that their current boiler is G-rated or worse may register their interest in receive a £400 cashback voucher towards the cost of upgrading to an A-rated boiler, need to arrange for their nominated installer to visit their homes and provide them with a quote. After acquiring confirmation that they have received a quote or visit from the installer to carry out the work, as well as having in hand information regarding the installer company, the boiler to be replaced and the boiler replacement, applicants may contact the Energy Saving Trust at boilerscrappage@est.org.uk or calling their ACT ON CO2 advice line on +44 (0) 800 512 012.

Utilities jumped-started the Government scheme

Ahead of the official launch of the Government Scheme, utility providers such as nPower and British Gas already fired-up their own Boiler Scrappage Schemes, kick-starting a UK nationwide effort to save energy and CO2 emissions.


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Jan 06, 2010, 13:06

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