CO2 plate freezers stand the test on board

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Already in 2002 the Danish refrigeration expert DSI installed 11 of its CO2 plate freezers on board the Norwegian trawler Kvannøy. 8 years and around 50000 tons of frozen fish later, the refrigeration system is still working efficiently saving 40% of time and energy.

The Norwegian vessel "Kvannøy" was built in 2002 and equipped by Johnson Controls with an Ammonia/CO2 Cascade System and freezers from DSI. The vessel with a dead weight of 3000 tons has the CO2 freezers lined up in two rows and each of the 11 freezers can produce 76 blocks weighing 20 kilos at a time.

The 11 vertical CO2 platefreezers are equipped with automatic top unloading that saves the crew members from handling the heavy blocks. When unloaded the blocks are pushed unto a conveyor belt and transported to be packed in boxes and labeled with information about content and where and when the fish have been caught and frozen.

Valuable time and energy savings

Chief engineer on board the 84 meters long trawler is Tor Arntzen and he is satisfied with the quality of the DSI CO2 freezers, saying that they save both time and energy compared to traditional freezers.

"We have about 25 percent larger capacity because of a more rapid freezing. On top of that the automatic unloading and handling of the frozen blocks saves time. All in all we save up to 40 percent or half an hour at each session of freezing. And saved time is also saved energy. Besides that the freezers run all the time regardless of the weather," Tor Arntzen says.

Also the owner and skipper Birger Dahl considers the vertical CO2 plate freezers as the best in the market today.

"It has been a very fine investment. The freezers have been running without problems. There will always be maintenance and repairs on the machinery on board but we have had very few problems with the vertical platefreezers as they produce about 6000 tonne of fish every year.
They have been running ever since without notable problems so we are very satisfied. I believe there is no better alternative in the market to the CO2 freezers from DSI," says Birger Dahl.

About DSI

Founded in 1969, DSI (A/S Dybvad Stål Industri) initially concentrated on manufacturing steel components. Ten years later, the Danish company produced its first plate freezer. Today, DSI is a leading company solely involved in designing and manufacturing manually-operated and automatic plate freezers, which are suitable for use in onshore and marine installations. Using different natural refrigerants, DSI’s product range includes horizontal as well as vertical models.


By team (@r744)

Jul 09, 2010, 12:15

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