FOX special edition features EcoThermics CO2 compressor

By team, Dec 20, 2010, 10:58 2 minute reading

FOX Broadcasting Company, one of the most popular networks in the USA, has featured CO2-based HVAC systems using EcoThermic’s newly developed R744 compressor as environment friendly, cost effective and safe-to-use solutions. + VIDEO

CO2 technology used in environmentally friendly HVAC was the topic of discussion of the special edition TV show on Sunday evening, featuring Peoria-based EcoThermics Corporation and U.S Representative for Illinois, Aaron Shock. “This educational program was part of a FOX series designed to educate viewers about latest technological trends. We recognize that education is key to the acceptance and adoption of any disruptive new technology. The program did an excellent job of highlighting the clear advantages of CO2 as a refrigerant and what that means to you and me in the future.” – Merle Rocke, CEO and Chairman of EcoThermics, said.

Rocke adds that “CO2 is gaining popularity around the world as a natural refrigerant replacing HFC’s. Certainly we anticipate this trend to continue and noticeably impact the United States in the next few years.”

“Most of the leadership in the HVAC industry anticipates on ongoing series of legislations to keep reducing global warming potential of refrigerants. Meanwhile, we (at EcoThermics) are not waiting for climate change legislation to drive that change we are relying on our energy efficiency and the initial applications to drive the change.”

CO2 refrigerant applications are almost endless and can be used globally in:
  • Residential applications
  • Commercial buildings such as restaurants, hotels, office buildings
  • Industrial processes
  • Mobile equipments
  • Portable solutions for heating and cooling such as for the army
It is possible to use this technology on or off the powergrid even driven hydraulically anywhere in the world.

Travis Horton, EcoThermics CTO and Associate Professor in Civil Engineering talks about two major advantages for CO2 refrigerants:
  1. Price: “For the end user, especially with energy cost on the rise, the ability to reduce your energy consumption by a factor of three to four translates very nicely into a reduction in your overall expenditures for energy.”
  2. Safety: “Typically when we have to deal with synthetic refrigerants, we have to have trained or EPA certified personnel to maintain the systems. CO2 technology would not be a regulated refrigerant. One of the benefits is that you would not have to have on staff trained EPA certified personnel to take care of your HVAC systems.”
About EcoThermics Corporation

EcoThermics Corporation develops and markets a CO2 compressor and related natural refrigerant technology for diverse product applications. EcoThermics has applied its core competencies in high-pressure fluid mechanics and thermodynamics to create a robust, high-performance advanced prototype compressor, an enabling component that OEMs will use to build sustainable and economically responsible heating and cooling systems.


By team (@r744)

Dec 20, 2010, 10:58

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