CO2 Mistral CCU freezers from Green & Cool in German supermarkets

By team, Jan 17, 2012, 09:53 1 minute reading

With the aim of strengthening its climate friendly profile, a German discount supermarket chain has decided to equip several of its stores with Green & Cool new Mistral CCU CO2 outdoor freezer unit systems.

After successful tests of Green & Cool’s compact freezer units type MISTRAL LT in one of its store, a German discount giant has decided to install additional CO2 systems from Green & Cool in its stores. The Mistral CCU units have undergone long-term evaluation in severe operating conditions and have finally passed the customer’s stringent criteria for performance and reliability.

Mistral CCU is a single temperature range unit with integrated gas cooler/condenser. Mistral CCU units can be configured as chiller, freezer or air condition and be upgraded with heat exchanger on the warm side.

Mistral CCU is especially suitable for convenient stores, supermarkets, gasoline stations, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and industrial use. Compact and weather protected, this outdoor unit saves indoor space and results in easier installation since requiring less piping.

Basic Specifications
  • 3 models of single units type MISTRAL CCU 1-4 compressor units: Air/Liquid cooled gas cooler/Indoor unit with separate gas cooler
  • High/medium/low temperatures
  • Dimensions: 1100 length – 600 width – 590 height (1 compressor unit) and 1900 length – 900 width – 1300 –height 1-4 compressor unit.
  • Cooling capacity for high temperature (+5/30°C ambient) from 2,38 – 26 kW
  • Cooling capacity for medium temperature (–8/30°C ambient): from 1,3- to 23 kW
  • Cooling capacity for low temperature (–27/30°C ambient): from 1,4 to 14,5 kW
  • Applications: Air conditioning, commercial , industrial refrigeration and restaurants and hospitals
  • “Plug-and-play” installation
  • Two-year warranty
  • Optional three-year insurance cover
About Green & Cool

Green & Cool is one of the leading manufacturers of environmental friendly refrigeration systems for supermarkets, convenience stores, the food industry, air conditioning, industrial processes, and heat pumps. With more than 300 transcritical units already operating or currently under construction in Europe, the manufacturer is recognized as the leading supplier of CO2 systems in Nordic countries and Switzerland.


By team (@r744)

Jan 17, 2012, 09:53

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