Applications now open for Bitzer Brazil CO2 2012 training courses

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The 2012 course dates at the Bitzer Brazil CO2 Technology Training Centre have been announced. The training centre, which is the only one of its kind in the Americas, presents and promotes CO2 technology, and will this year also feature instruction in ammonia and hydrocarbon refrigeration.

Bitzer Brazil 2012 CO2 courses
CO2 Technology Training Centre courses cover a range of topics including safety issues, design features, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance procedures, and include both practical and theoretical classes. 
The Course dates for 2012 are:
  • May 14-18 (in Portuguese);
  • June 11-15 (in Spanish); 
  • August 6-10 (in Portuguese)
  • October 22-26 (in Portuguese). 
The courses in general are designed for engineers, system designers, installation technicians, operators and other interested professionals. 
Course materials are upgraded for each course, and new compressor and refrigeration technologies are presented. The courses include practical training at the commercial refrigeration offices of the Senai Oscar Rodrigues Alves School in Sao Paulo, where performance testing for refrigeration systems and condenser units will also be held.
Ammonia and hydrocarbon courses 2012
Also featured in 2012 will be hydrocarbon and ammonia courses, used as a refrigerant in supermarket facilities in the high stage system, also covering the recent release of ‘screw and scroll’ compressors. 
Dates for ammonia courses:
  • May 28-30 (in Portuguese);
  • August 27-29 (in Portuguese);
  • November 26-28 (in Portuguese);
Dates for hydrocarbon courses:
  • July 30-31 (in Portuguese);
The CO2 Technology and Training Center features 3 refrigeration racks with modern semihermetic compressors of the Octagon series in parallel application, used at medium and low evaporation temperatures. There are also 3 cold rooms, two medium temperature (cooling and walk-in cooler) and one low temperature (freezing) room. Installed in each cold room are the evaporators (air coolers) of their respective racks. In addition, there are also two low temperature islands, which are linked only to the CO2 rack. 
Additions to the existing technology originally installed at the end of 2008 will include a CO2 rack in the transcritical condition and another one using CO2 and ammonia in the subcritical condition. There will also be a water chiller with R1270 that will be used as the center’s air conditioner.


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Jan 30, 2012, 00:00

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