UPDATE: CO2 Case Studies: efficient supermarket applications, UL approval for high pressure equipment

By Janet Thompson, May 24, 2013, 12:41 3 minute reading

Energy and cost efficiency of CO2 commercial supermarket applications, UL approval procedure for high pressure CO2 equipment, and innovative CO2 heat pump technologies are just a few of the topics that will be covered during the Technology Case Studies Session of ATMOsphere America 2013. UPDATE: additional case study on simplified and efficient controls management system applied in Supervalu Carpentaria Supermarket and Roche

IGA Cap-de-la-Madeleine by Marc-André Lesmerises, Carnot Refrigeration

To reduce its energy consumption and green house gas emissions, Sobeys Quebec chose to replace its existing HFC refrigeration system at its IGA Extra Supermarket in Cap-de-la-Madeleine with a CO2 refrigeration system from Carnot. This new system uses captured CO2 gas for water heating purposes without the need for a heat exchanger or pumping system. This case study will highlight how the new CO2 system helped the store achieve a 22% reduction in refrigeration energy consumption.

Ammonia/CO2 system offers mainstream solution by Danfoss

Together, Danfoss and Cimco Refrigeration present a unique ammonia/CO2 refrigeration solution recently deployed by Canadawide for an expansion at its 60,000 ft2 distribution center/warehouse operation in Montreal, Canada. The study addresses how the unique solution contributed to energy, installation cost, and maintenance savings for Canadawide. The presentation also shows how this solution is scalable for mainstream deployment.

Sustainable CO2 technology and the role of control systems by Michael Engelbright, CAREL

Entire system controls play a key role in making installation and maintenance less complex. An intuitive controls management allows for the management of the varying load profiles efficiently and effectively without compromising the lifetime cycle of capital investment and high maintenance costs. This case study focuses on two current projects in North America: Supervalu Carpentaria supermarket’s change from centralised to decentralized (European) controls management and Roche Pharmaceuticals’ utilization of compact CO2 condensing units with integrated CO2 controls and high pressure valves.

Carbon dioxide heat pump field study by Merle Rocke, EcoThermics Corporation

The study presents a pioneering project between EcoThermics and Country Maid, utilising transcritical carbon dioxide (CO2) dedicated heat recovery. The project involved the study of a prototype CO2 hydronic heat pump supplying simultaneous high temperature hot water and cold water for space air conditioning in a commercial/industrial food production facility under actual operating field conditions. This case study attempts to extrapolate comparisons to traditional methods and outline the lucrative market possibilities of CO2 heat pump technologies.

CO2 transcritical compressors for safer, cheaper and more efficient use by Giacomo Pisano, Dorin S.p.A.

The case study will present a two stage internally compounded trans-critical CO2 compressor range which results in both cost and energy efficiency, while also ensuring safer equipment. The presentation will also discuss UL approval procedure for high-pressure equipment and highlight examples of end users using the product in different applications.

More ATMOsphere America 2013 selected case studies

ATMOsphere America 2013 will feature several more technology case study presentations dealing with other natural refrigerants:
  • Low Charge Ammonia Condensing Units for the US Market by Derek Hamilton, Star Refrigeration
  • Low energy consumption when using R290 as alternative to R404a in a light commercial refrigeration freezer by Vicente Guilabert Hernandez, HUAYI Compressor Barcelona, S.L.
  • The Refrigeration Condenser: How the Different Types Affect Energy Consumption and System Performance by Preston Blay and Ilana Cember, Baltimore Aircoil Company
  • Innovative hydrocarbon solutions – applied on a bottle cooler by Alex Alvey, Tecumseh Products Company
  • How to manage 150 grams propane limit with big plug in appliances in US market by Doug Smith & Zgliczynski Marek, Embraco North America
  • Designing low charge R290 room air conditioners with smaller diameter copper tubes: examples from the US and China by John Hipchen, Exel Consulting

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By Janet Thompson

May 24, 2013, 12:41

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