Giovanni Dorin highlights efficiency of the CD5000M transcritical compressor

By Janet Thompson, Nov 07, 2013, 15:07 2 minute reading sat down with Giovanni Dorin, Marketing Manager at Dorin, to get the perspective of a leading compressor manufacturer on the market developments and prospects of transcritical CO2. Dorin also spoke about the company’s CD5000M transcritical compressor, which he says is the largest currently available on the market. How has the market for CO2 refrigeration evolved and/or grown in recent years? What, in your opinion, are some of the main driving factors?

Giovanni Dorin: The use of CO2-based refrigeration equipment is attracting more and more end-users for a variety of applications. This trend is driven by several factors such as:

  • the benign properties of CO2 in terms of environmental sustainability (GWP = 1)
  • the extremely high system efficiency and higher COP of CO2 compared to conventional technology, which has been proven in many applications
  • the much lower maintenance costs in case of leakages due to the low refrigerant price of CO2 compared to HFCs

In particular, clear signals from the market are arising, with an increasing demand for larger-scale CO2 applications. Thus, all the system component manufacturers are called to hard work, as bigger equipment is needed. In terms of technology innovation and products, how has Dorin met this growing demand?

GD: Compressor-wise, DORIN has accomplished its tasks with the commercialisation of the largest CO2 trans-critical compressor available in the market, namely CD5000M which features:

  • Displacement of 30.23 m3/h at 50Hz – 36.28 m3/h at 60Hz
  • 50hp motor at 50Hz – 60hp motor at 60Hz
  • UL approval
  • Enhanced lubrication system with extra-low oil carry over
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Extra-low pressure pulses thanks to peculiar discharge gas stream
  • Utmost COP levels
  • Capability for frequency drive What are some of the main benefits customers will see from the CD5000M compressor?

GD: With the refrigeration duty provided (73 kW at -8°C evaporating temperature, – 90 bar discharge pressure, – 35°C gas cooler outlet temperature) the CD5000M allows rack builders and end-users to dramatically cut down system costs. This is due to the fact that fewer compressors are used in order to fulfil the system’s refrigeration capacity and smaller racks are needed, thus, more space is available in the vending area. In addition, fewer pipes, fitting and components are required, further bringing down capital costs. What feedback have you received about the CD5000M so far?

GD: Dorin has already powered several jobsites worldwide with this flagship CO2 trans-critical compressor model and the outcome from the field has been extremely positive. End-users and plant owners have been very satisfied by the overall compressor performance in terms of very large capacity provided and reliable, smooth and silent compressor operation. Therefore, Dorin is expecting continuous global growth for this specific model.

About Dorin

Dorin is a leading Italian compressor manufacture headquartered in the province of Florence, Italy. Founded in 1918 as a manufacturer of machine tools, air compressors, liquid pumps and vehicle motor repairers, Dorin began producing compressors for refrigeration systems in 1932. The first CO2 transcritical type was commissioned in 1999. Today, Dorin has a vast range of over 250 semi-hermetic compressors.


By Janet Thompson

Nov 07, 2013, 15:07

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