Blissfield finds niche in all-steel heat exchangers

By Charlotte McLaughlin, Feb 28, 2018, 10:32 1 minute reading

Company targets CO2 beverage coolers with high-pressure design

Blissfield Manufacturing Co. booth at AHR Expo. 

Blissfield Manufacturing Co., a Blissfield, Mich.-based division of BMC Global, is positioning its all-steel, continuous-tube, no-joints condensers and evaporators as suitable for high-pressure CO2 applications in self-contained beverage coolers.

“I would say the industry standard now is copper and aluminum,” said Brandon C. Farver, chief operations manager at Blissfield at AHR Expo last month in Chicago. “That is really where everyone is. We're much more of a niche player.”

The steel design has been approved by UL to work with higher pressures.  “The CO2 especially does require a higher pressure,” Farver added. “We manufacturer in all-steel 3/8, 5/16 tube size to accomplish it.” The heat exchangers are also low maintenance because of the clog-free steel, according to Blissfield.

These CO2 condensers are mainly used in beverage coolers, though the demand has been small in the recent years, as stand-alone coolers have gravitated to propane refrigerant. “We've had smaller OEMs coming in just talking about [an R134a] replacement,” he said.

Blissfield stocks a range of propane-ready products for smaller commercial refrigeration units. It is also the North American supplier of Dorin Compressors, and exhibited with the Italian company at the AHR Expo.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Feb 28, 2018, 10:32

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