Sporlan debuts upgraded CO2 components for North America

Units include improved EEV and controls for racks and cases that make CO2 more affordable, says company.

From left: Sporlan case controls, electronic expansion valve and rack controls

With the ongoing adoption of transcritical COrefrigeration systems in North America, the Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin introduced three new CO2-related components for the North American market at the Food Marketing Institute’s Energy & Store Development Conference, held September 23-26 in Atlanta.

The new components include an electronic expansion valve (EEV), and rack and case controllers designed to make CO2 systems more cost competitive, according to Sporlan.

“We are expanding our COline to do more – faster speed, more powerful and better performance,” said Clay Rohrer, business unit manager for Parker Hannifin, a Mayfield Heights, Ohio-based component maker.

We are expanding our COline to do more."
– Clay Rohrer, Parker Hannifin

The components are also lower cost “to be more competitive,” said Rohrer. “One of the problems with COis the electronic valves are more expensive.” COsystems’ cost is also boosted by the cost of case controls, he added.

The SPW EEV for COis a pulse width modulated (PWM) valve for evaporator coils.

The MT-700 series COcontrols platform covers racks, parallel compressors, ejectors and adiabatic or air-cooled condensers/gas coolers.

The S3C Bluetooth case controller can be used for COand other refrigerants.

By Michael Garry

Oct 01, 2018, 21:25

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