Castel releases new CO2 valves at Chillventa

Italian company Castel now offers a complete range of CO2 valves for pressures up to 140 bar.

Castel's safety valve for CO2 transcritical. 

At Chillventa 2018 (16-18 October), Castel – an Italian specialist in valves and other refrigeration and air-conditoning components – released new CO2 transcritical valves for pressures of up to 140 bar.

The valves are equipped with stainless steel connections, according to Antonio Sepe, product manager, Castel s.r.l., citing as an example the three-way ball valve for up to 140 bar. “Three-way [motorised ball] valves [are] for [turning] heat recovery on and off. If you want [to control the] mass flow, there is an [electronic] modulating signal,” Sepe said.

The component manufacturer is also tackling bigger applications with valves aimed at industrial and large commercial CO2 refrigeration installations in Europe. It also produces valves for heat pump applications.

Other Castel products launched at the show include motorided solenoid valves, electronic oil regulators, and safety valves for transcritical CO2.

The safety valves are aimed at small CO2 booster systems. “Many companies now have these small boosters,” Sepe said. 

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Oct 31, 2018, 14:27

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