The LU-VE Group is an international company based in Italy, with 13 sales companies located in Australia, Austria, China/HK, France, Germany, India, Poland (Gliwice and Warsaw), Russia, Singapore, Spain, UAE and the UK.

LU-VE manufactures a range of refrigeration and air conditioning products for commercial and industrial applications, using state-of-the-art components employing natural refrigerants. Some of these products have gone on to be the benchmark for the industry, in regards to their innovative design and construction. LU-VE also can also test CO2 (R744) applied both to heat exchangers and gas coolers, in its R&D laboratory.

Products of interest include unit coolers (CO2, NH3), condensers and dry coolers.

Belonging to the LU-VE group, HTS provides the heat exchangers for special applications, air conditioning and refrigeration. SEST manufactures finned heat exchanger coils, as well as refrigerated cabinets. The companies are committed to an eco-sustainable approach and further innovations to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

LU-VE was one of the first to apply the following solutions to its product range:
  • HITEC grooved tube technology
  • Specialised heat exchanger surfaces
  • Certified performance levels through TURBOCOIL heat exchangers with TURBOFIN fins
  • Innovating materials and colours

In regards to environmental responsibility, LU-VE aims to design products to reduce energy consumption, refrigerant charge, dimension and weight reduction, lower-noise and have an overall smaller footprint.

Some of the common applications whereby LU-VE products are found are: food preservation and processing, seasoning, freezing, warehousing and logistics.

Stats about LU-VE:

  • 1,350 employees
  • 330,000m2 facilities (125,000m2 covered)
  • 1,300m2 R&D laboratories
  • 70% of products exported to 90 countries



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