ABOUT Z-SC1 Biomedical Corp.

Z-SC1 Biomedical Corp. is a Canadian-based company with a successful record of developing laboratory equipment for the biomedical and biotech industry.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with manufacturing bases in Seoul, South Korea, Z-SC1 Biomedical is revolutionising the scientific community. The Twincore freezer is the first and only of its kind, featuring two independent compressor systems each capable of maintaining -82C. 

Standard ultra-low temp freezers rely on a cascade refrigeration system. Meaning that if the system fails, the freezer and any samples stored inside have to removed in a couple of hours. LN2 or CO2 backups only sustain temperatures for approximately seven hours, and require routine re-filling, maintenance and supervision.

The freezer projects 75 percent less heat rejection than standard cascade refrigeration, is made from 85% recyclable material and 10% of that material can even be used to generate energy.


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