Eliwell CO2 Transcritical compressor rack manager, including EWCM 9000 PRO-HF programmable controller with available Eliwell CO2 Transcritical application baseline.


Control for transcritical CO2 booster / parallel compression solution   

  • Management of 2 circuits up to 8 compressors
  • Parallel booster/compression management up to 4 compressors
  • Management of modulating condensation fans
  • Expandable up to 12 EXP 4D PRO modules
  • Up to 2 optional remote displays


The new series of controllers for EWCM PRO compressor racks is the solution for the sustainable systems based on natural refrigerants. The EWCM 9000 PRO /CO2T model is dedicated to the solutions for transcritical CO2 with booster circuit and allows for the management of up to two circuits for the recovery of heat. EWCM 9000 PRO is compact and can be expanded with configurable keyboard modules to rapidly adapt to various plant  solutions. The controller can be connected to the Televis system, Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP systems and has a data registration system for diagnosis.

EWCM 9000 PRO-HFProgrammable controller with transcritical CO2 booster / parallel compression application    

  • Controller freely programmable with FREE Studio
  • Basic library for transcritical CO2 booster / parallel compression solution
  • Diagnostic and simulation tools
  • Expandable up to 12 modules and 2 remote keyboards
  • Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, CAN, Web server/http connectivity


EWCM 9000 PRO-HF allows for the controller to be adapted to specific needs thanks to the options of integrating and changing the applicative controller software. The FREE Studio development tool allows for all the controller's maximum performance to be taken advantage of, re-configuring the I/O and making the most ofthe vast field connectivity and that of the system found on the controller. The basic library provided by Eliwell allows for the development times to be reduced thanks also to the debugging systems, simulation and diagnostics, evenremotely, that can be found in the FREE Studio system. Furthermore, Eliwell has a team specialised in supporting the developers and a network of partners capable of assisting clients in devising customised solutions.


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