Eliwell remote cabinet controller for stepper type valves with very low and adaptive superheat control.

The RTX 600 DOMINO family of controllers from Eliwell includes specific devices for controlling commercial refrigerators for supermarket applications.

RTX 600 DOMINO is an electronic device used to control remote counters, with electronic expansion valve (EEV), used singly or together in islands or remote layouts. The flexibility of the controller enables fast selection of applications for horizontal, vertical, combined, open and closed cabinets and includes specific cold room control functions.

  • The efficiency of ejector, without the ejector in CO2 transcritical system
  • Energy efficiency with optimal superheat control
  • Integrated drive for pulse and stepper electronic expansion valves
  • Quick to install and configure


  • Reduction of installation costs
  • Removable connectors on inputs and outputs
  • RTX 600 /VS DOMINO: capable of controlling stepper EEVs with integrated valve closure system
  • RTX 600 /V DOMINO: capable of controlling ac and dc pulse EEVs
  • Pre-configurations: 8 application profiles, parametric selection of EEV and ratiometric transducer configurations
  • Compatible with NTC/PTC/Pt1000 temperature sensors
  • Split connectors for Link² and RS485 networks
  • Single pressure transducer for island / remote cabinet 
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • RTX 600 /VS DOMINO: front access for replacing the “Power-Pack” module 
  • RTX 600 /V DOMINO: removable fuse for EEV protection
  • Local and remote display of application profile currently in use by the parameter
  • Automatic pressure transducer backup via Link²
  • Re-configuration of inputs selectable locally by parameter, or imposed by supervision system in the event of probe errors
  • Extra digital input for monitoring of malfunction conditions 


Supermarket applications 


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