MPXPRO is the advanced CAREL Retail sistema solution for complete and integrated control of multiplexed showcases. It guarantees high performance and flexibility, offering excellent energy saving opportunities, with special focus on easy operation and installation.


Compact and flexible, with special attention to energy saving and easy use, the MPXPRO controller can manage electronic expansion valves (both CAREL and PWM) and features an Ultracap energy backup system to ensure valve closure in the event of power outages.

Technical specifications:

  • Up to five relays available
  • Inputs for NTC / PTC / Pt1000 / 0-5 V ratiometric, 4-20 mA and 0-10 V active sensors
  • Built-in driver for CAREL stepper or PWM electronic expansion valve
  • PWM and 0-10 Vdc outputs
  • Display or terminal with keypad and remote control for setup and programming
  • Built-in switching power supply for the version with stepper valve

Main functions and features:

Besides management of traditional refrigeration functions, electric heater defrost, fans and lights, the main features are:

  • Management of a Master-Slave local network with up to six units (1 Master and 5 Slaves), including coordination and sharing of the same Master across the group of units
  • Defrosting by electric heater, stopping the compressor, hot gas
  • Intelligent defrost: different functions to reduce the number and duration of defrosts
  • Light management
  • Modulation of “demister” heaters based on ambient temperature and humidity
  • Modulation of evaporator fan speed
  • Smooth Lines function to modulate evaporator capacity based on actual cooling demand

Thanks to RS485 serial communication (CAREL and Modbus), the electronic controller can be integrated into monitoring systems such as PlantVisorPRO or PlantWatchPRO, for status monitoring, troubleshooting and optimising efficiency. The local user interface allows access (even via remote) for easier maintenance and settings.


  • Compact: the only 6-DIN device on the market
  • Energy savings: ensured by multiple power saving functions
  • Flexibility: thanks to wide availability of advanced functions covering all user needs
  • Simple to use: despite its vast potential, features such as remote connection, the user interface layout, the sets of parameters that can be saved and the various accessories available make interaction with the device simple and intuitive



  • Supermarkets/Hypermarkets
  • Centralised showcases
  • Condensing units
  • Cold rooms


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