pR100T Controller

CAREL’s know-how in natural refrigerant applications has led to the design of a new pRACK series control system, bringing the latest innovations in carbon dioxide refrigeration to the established reliability of a product developed for the management of refrigerating units.


pRack pR100T is the CAREL controller for managing AC-powered CO2 condensing units. It is the ideal solution for market requests regarding transcritical condensing systems.

A single-stage system is where the CO2 cooled by the gas cooler is first expanded through the high pressure valve, and subsequently, once in the liquid state, through the electronic expansion valve (before the CO2 evaporates in the individual cabinets/cases).

This compact solution comprises a single controller fitted with a driver and an Ultracap module, for direct management of E2V*CS valves used as HPVs and RPRVs; Carel E2V*CS CO2 valves have a maximum operating pressure of 140 bars with a 90 bar differential, and can be used in these types of applications with capacities up to 40 kW.

The scalability of the pRack platform allows the same user interface to be used for all these types of applications, with special focus on installation costs and simple operation.

pR100T is able to control:

  • Compressors (time-rotation-inverter)
  • Fans (on/off, EC)
  • HPV valve (optimised algorithm for pressure calculation)
  • Flash valve adjustment (pressure of the receiver-safety devices connected to the HPV)
  • Restore procedures (fault synchronisation with case controller)


  • The main benefit is simple use: thanks to the Wizard, users are guided step-by-step through initial system set-up. By simply responding to the questions proposed by the tool, pRack can automatically set the main parameters needed to safely start the unit.
  • System optimisation: management of modular devices that ensure maximum efficiency in controlling operating pressure, meaning greater system stability.

Main functions and features:

The compact solution offers a single controller provided with external driver and Ultracap module for direct management of the HPV and flash gas valves. The scalability of the pRack platform allows the same user interface to be used for all these types of applications, with the focus specifically on installation costs and simple operation, reducing the learning curve.


  • Compact: the only 6-DIN transcritical CO2 controller
  • ExV integration: the only supplier with an entire range, from the small transcritical CO2 E2V (up to 140 barg), to the new, higher capacity E3V-C
  • Modularity: Fieldbus communication with external driver

Technical specifications:

  • Double suction line management
  • Gas cooler and high pressure system control
  • Heat recovery control
  • Oil distribution and oil pressure control
  • Double system synchronization
  • Safe restore via supervisory system

Applications: Transcritical CO2 condensing units with AC inverter


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