• SK series compressors for sub-critical CO2 applications  (Pss 80 bar(a))
  • 4-Cylinder semi-hermetic compressor with integrated direct start electric motor


The range of Frascold SK series compressors for sub-critical CO2 applications has been developed taking into account the most recent developements in industrial refrigeration technology and from the manufacturers of refrigeration applications for supermarkets. The SK models are ideal for use in hybrid systems (cycles in cascade) and, in combination with the Frascold TK series compressors for transcritical CO2 applications, offer the possibility of realising multi-compressor systems for medium and low temperature (booster systems).

Technical Specifications
  • 4-Cylinder semi-hermetic compressor with integrated direct start electric motor with PTC sensor

            -220-240V Δ / 380-420V / 3 / 50                 
            -265-290V Δ / 440-480V / 3 / 60

  •  Electronic control and protection device with additional diagnostic functions
  • Safety valves for maximum static pressure Pss
  • Suction and discharge valves
  • Oil charge POE 85cSt
  • Oil level visual indicator
  • Anti-vibrating rubber supports
  • Compressor body in high tensile strength spheroidal cast iron maximum static pressure Pss 80 bar(a) for the A series model, version SK3


  • Operation with inverter
  • Bore/stroke ratio, crankshaft and main bearings defined for high pressures
  • Robust and efficient valve plates, optimized for CO2
  • Advanced lubrication system with dynamic disc
  • Electric motor sized to work with condensation temperatures up to 15°C
  • Protection device with advanced functions
  • POE oil charge specific for CO2
  • Supplied compressors complete with the necessary components for standard use, as indicated on the technical and user instructions and sheets. Different accessories are available on request for other necessities.
  • All the important information to identify the compressor is displayed on the nameplate. The date of production is contained in the serial number. 


Industrial and commercial refrigeration.



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