Global CO2 Supermarket Map - Making progress visible

By team, Jan 22, 2010, 14:26 2 minute reading

CO2 used as the only refrigerant or in cascade with another refrigerant is making inroads in different parts of the world. With the help of the R744 community, the global supermarket map will visualise new installations added and track the technology used. You know an R744 supermarket? Then send us some basic data today!

While the debate within the HVAC&R industry continues about where and how to best use HFC-free solutions, most recent commitments from leading food retailers to the natural refrigerant CO2 and increasing business opportunities for R744 component and system suppliers are a first signal that R744 is on its way to establish itself as a standard solution. New installations are announced on a weekly basis and although technical and political challenges remain, CO2 used as the only refrigerant or in combination with other gases is increasingly recognised as a way to bypass existing and upcoming legislation to reduce emissions of F-gases.
The global supermarket map is meant to become a tool to demonstrate how a viable technology saving direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions can spread across national borders, and emphasise the importance of knowledge transfer from experienced countries and organisations to less developed markets. Soon, and after having collected a critical mass of R744 installations, the world map will go live to visualise progress in terms of commercial success and technology developments.

Call for R744 system data

If you know one or several CO2-only, cascade, or secondary refrigeration solutions in a supermarket, please fill in some basic data asked for on a constant page hosted on Information needed to make the R744 supermarket map a valuable tool for upcoming print publications, as an advocating tool towards policy makers, and decision making tool within the industry, include the following:

  • Name of Food Store using R744 system
  • Street Address
  • Location
  • Country
  • Name of Retailer
  • Type of System: transcritical, subcritical, secondary
  • System Manufacturers involved
  • Component Suppliers involved
  • Overall System Capacity
  • Other Technical Details about the installation
Follow this link to the CO2 supermarket survey, or send us your data at

For any feedback on how to improve the value of this evolving tool, please do not hesitate to contact us.


By team (@r744)

Jan 22, 2010, 14:26

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