Mostra Convegno 2010: R744 products on display

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With new companies, products and developments in the field of R744, Mostra Convegno proved that CO2 is not just a fashion but here to stay. provides an overview of main products showcased at this key event. +IMAGE GALLERY

Talking with many companies on the trade floor, a clear trend could be seen for the R744 sector compared with the last Mostra Convegno in 2008. Companies are extending their CO2 ranges and are all working on more and more CO2 projects within the refrigeration sector. CO2 is becoming a more day-to-day business. Many companies confirmed that R744 is now clearly accepted as an alternative technology with great potential and that more innovations can be expected for Chillventa this October.

Companies and Products

DORIN: The Gold Partner is expanding its CO2 range by adding “the widest CO2 compressor” range. The three newly developed compressor families CD 200, 300 and 400 displayed at the Mostra event will be presented in more detail in a feature tomorrow. Dorin also showcased its well-known SCC Semi-Hermetic Piston Compressors for subcritical applications that will remain available to the market and feature high refrigeration capacities.

Parker: Parker presented several transcritical components, namely CO2 gas coolers valves as well as a filter drier. These are currently in developing stage and will be added later once launched.

CAREL: Offering innovative control systems in the HVAC/R market, CAREL displayed a series of management systems for CO2 supermarket refrigeration at their booth. The CAREL retail sistema is CO2 compatible and a complete solution for an integrated control of multiplexed showcases. The product line including the EXV electronic expansion valve and the MPXPRO integrated controller has a special focus not only on energy savings and performance, but also on ease of use and installation.

BOCK: The German compressor manufacturer showcased two semi-hermetic piston compressors: the HGX2 for transcritical R744 applications and the HGX22P for subcritical applications. Both types can be used in industrial and commercial refrigeration

Bitzer: The German manufacturing group displayed one model from its Octagon series for transcritical CO2 applications (4FTC) and another one from the Octagon series for transcritical applications (4NHC).

Frascold: Under the theme “blue compressors for a blue planet”, the Italian compressor provider showcased its transcritical and subcritical compressor ranges in Milan. Representing the compressors optimised for subcritical application, the semi-hermetic A 1.5 4 SK model was on display and for transcritical applications, the semi-hermetic S 25 14 TK model. All models are already added to the product database and feature high reliability, safety and performance, as well as an advanced design ensuring a smooth transition from HFC-based systems to CO2.

SCM Frigo: The Italian-based company presented brochures of its comprehensive range of subcritical and transcritical refrigeration packs. SCM Frigo has developed CO2 units for commercial and industrial application. The UMCE line includes low temperature compressor packs with subcritical cycle. The MWT line comprises transcritical chiller and transcritical packs DX. In addition, the company manufactures booster or cascade systems using R744 especially for the supermarket business.

IRD Iniziative – Refrigera: The Italian manufacturer of valves and fittings suitable for R744 displayed a whole series of CO2 valves at their booth. The 3 way electrically actuated R744 ball valve particularly for R744 applications up to 120 bar features extreme pressure resistance while combining high performance with low costs. Other components included in the Refrigera product range especially designed for R744 applications are: Check valves, NPT valves, safety valves and 120bar indicators.

Hydro Aluminium: As a leading manufacturer of aluminium products, the Hydro Aluminium Group showcased several CO2 suitable products, including their aluminiulm products for Güntner heat exchangers as well as a Piflex CO2 transcritical flexible tubing solution.

Friterm: The Turkish-based specialist for heat exchangers, condensers and more showcased its new range of CO2 products at the Mostra Convegno. With the CO2 gas cooler as well as the CO2 unit cooler the company wants to underline its commitment to CO2 technology.

WIGAM: The Italian equipment manufacturer in refrigeration and air conditioning displayed its complete new R744 component family, including a digital manifold, a CO2 regulator, CO2 kit of flexible hoses, a programmable electronic scale for CO2 and a electronic leak detector for R744. In addition, Wigam showcased the 2 ways digital manifold for R744 for a maximum operating pressure of 200bar.



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Mar 30, 2010, 13:04

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