CO2 training academy launched in the UK

By team, Aug 02, 2010, 12:53 1 minute reading

With the interest in CO2 refrigeration on the rise in the UK, a ‘CO2 Academy’ has been launched to address the main barrier to a wider adoption of CO2 commercial refrigeration technology: the shortage of technicians trained in handling the natural refrigerant.

The ‘European CO2 Refrigeration Training Academy’ has been launched by WR Refrigeration, a daughter company of Huurre Group that last year created a joint venture with CO2 specialist Enex srl to offer consulting, design installation and servicing services in CO2 refrigeration in Northern, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom.

"Interest in carbon dioxide has increased dramatically over the past year or so. It is an attractive alternative to HFC systems as it is environmentally friendly, safe and proven”, WR Refrigeration business development and marketing director Patrick Mullins said. "The major obstacle to widespread adoption to date, however, has been the shortage of engineers trained in handling carbon dioxide. The CO2 Academy meets this need and unlocks the huge potential of carbon dioxide for end-users."

All main types of CO2 systems under one roof

Building on the company’s previous in-house training centre, the training facility encompasses under the same examples of subcritical, transcritical and cascade CO2 systems.

Based on a mini-supermarket format, the facility incorporates:
  • high temperature display cases
  • low temperature display cases
  • a walk-in cold room
In-house and third party training

Anticipating a roll-out of CO2 technology by major UK and European end users, WR Refrigeration and parent company Huurre Group will train their engineers at the facility.

Despite offering in-house training, the facility is providing CO2 training to third party UK contractors, consultants and end-users involved with CO2 projects. 


By team (@r744)

Aug 02, 2010, 12:53

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