EuroShop 2011: CO2 compressors and components

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In this final article on EuroShop 2011 trade fair, provides an overview of some of the CO2 compressors and components showcased. + PHOTOS

EuroShop 2011, the world’s biggest trade fair for retailers’ investment needs, drew to a close in Düsseldorf on 2 March 2011, attracting more than 106,000 visitors that gathered to get the latest information on products, trends and concepts for retail, including the latest concepts and innovations in refrigeration technology.

CO2 compressors and components presented

Danfoss - In a CO2-dedicated booth section, the Danish specialist in automatic controls, compressors and electronic sensors showcased its ADAP-KOOL® injection systems for CO2 evaporators, including its evaporator controller AK-CC 550A featuring fast reaction time to cope with sudden superheat change in CO2 applications and an electronic expansion valve AKVH suitable for CO2. It also showcased its pack controller AK-PC 780, also suitable for use in CO2 systems, its gas cooler controller EKC 326A that supports systems with a gas cooler and CO2 refrigerant as well as its cascade controller EKC 313 to control and optimise cascade systems. In addition, Danfoss presented its electronically operated valve CCM that is typically applied as a gas bypass valve in a transcritical CO2 booster system or as liquid expansion valve.

Dorin - Dorin showcased its latest compressors, including its CD range for transcritical operation and the SCC range for subcritical operation. The CD range of semi-hermetic compressors comprises 45 models and displacements from 1,1m3 to 27m3/h. The SCC range of semi-hermetic compressors consists of 11 compressor models with displacements from 3m3 to 49m3/h. With the wide compressor range presented at EuroShop, Dorin can match all kind of applications, including convenience and hyper stores, distribution centres as well as residential and industrial heat pumps.

Parker - The world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems showcased its electronic controllers for static and ventilated refrigeration units. It also displayed its drive systems for refrigeration compressors and condenser fans.

BITZER - The German compressor specialist showcased its new generation of reciprocating compressors for subcritical applications. Designed especially for low temperatures, the SL series features improved energy efficiency by up to 20%, increased cooling capacity and extended application limits up to a condensing temperature of +15°C.
BITZER project manager Oliver Javerschek confirmed to that this year’s EuroShop saw substantially more CO2 components and systems compared to the last edition. He added that BITZER sees a very high potential for cascade systems. Especially for higher ambient temperatures, BITZER’s R744 compressors combined with its R134a ECOLINE or hydrocarbon compressors, perform with highest efficiency.

Bock - With its new compressor model HG 34 CO2 T, Bock presented a compressor that is packed with 15 years of CO2 experience. Specifically designed for CO2 transcritical applications this semi-hermetic 4 cylinder compressor features low energy consumption and high reliability. In addition, an air-cooled version of the HG34, the so called HA design, will be introduced in the coming months.

Carel - Since the end of February, a new CO2 training centre is operating at the headquarters of Carel near Padova, Italy, where an SCM Frigo transcritical CO2 system has been installed. Carel will use the centre to train their employees but also customers. At EuroShop, visitors could observe the performance of the system live from the Carel stand. Notably, as the installation is quite in the South of Europe, where not many transcritical installations can be found, Carel is hoping to get valuable information about operation in the south that will enable them to optimise their software accordingly. At their stand, Carel showcased the evolution of their pRack range of electronic controllers for compressor racks, which is part of the Carel Retail Sistema, a full system for complete control of all retail applications. The pRack range has been expanded to include pR200T for transcritical CO2 management extension. pR200T features a touch screen display, a built-in electronic stepper valve driver and direct drive of Modbus devices through field bus connection.

Emerson - To ensure environmentally responsible food refrigeration, Emerson has developed the new “Stream” series piston compressor for R744 from Copeland. As one of the most efficient compressor in its class, it reduces indirect emissions and will be offered in 3 models with refrigerating capacities of between 18kW and 35kW for normal temperature cooling. In addition, Emerson showcased the ZO series with capacities up to 23 kW that has already proven its reliability for several years in supermarkets in Northern and Southern Europe. The new CX electronic high-pressure control valve from the Alco brand that is available in 4 capacities rounds off the refrigeration circuit.

Frost-trol - The specialist in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of refrigerated display cases that has been present on the Spanish market for more than 40 years, presented a wide array of serve-over, multideck and island cabinets with R744 for remote and plug-in applications.

Güntner - The company displayed its CXGDF ceiling-mounted slimline evaporator for CO2 as well as its CXGHF evaporator for CO2. Moreover, its microox heat exchanger technology is scheduled to be available for CO2 gascoolers from the end of 2011. This microchannel technology developed by Güntner offers advantages like reduced refrigerant charge and reduced unit weight due to the use of aluminum.

Kimessa - The Swiss gas detection specialist presented its new best of breed gas monitoring solution suitable for CO2 supermarket refrigeration systems. KIMESSA’s CO2 BUS-compatible gas monitoring equipment includes the CO2-detector KSIM 1090, the CANline gas monitor for up to 32 different refrigeration gas leak detectors and the CWE 67, BUS-compatible audio visual alarm.

DK-Kälteanlagen - The company showcased a new DK-suction gas heat exchanger for subcritical CO2 refrigeration plants that ensures safety of the compressor and optimises the performance of the refrigeration plant with a precise control of the liquid subcooling and the suction gas superheating. It also displayed its heat recovery system (DK-Wärmerückgewinnung) for transcritical CO2 refrigeration plants. DK also presented its new heat recovery system with an external heat exchanger for transcritical CO2 refrigeration plants.

Norpe - The Finnish manufacturer of commercial refrigeration showcased a new CO2 evaporator and showcases that can be used with CO2.  


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