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By team, Dec 27, 2011, 09:36 1 minute reading

Find out about the major CO2 technology innovations and market developments in 2011 through our series of overview articles with some of the most popular news published on over the last 12 months.

The “best of 2011” provides a snapshot of the most popular articles published on, with a particular focus on commercial refrigeration, heat pumps and new markets and applications for CO2.
  • Best of 2011 - CO2 commercial refrigeration: 2011 saw an ever-growing market in CO2 supermarket systems in Europe in line with retailers’ sustainability commitments, the industry preparing to step up CO2 deployment in North American and Japanese supermarkets, and also CO2 trials in new markets such as China. Manufacturers have been working on launching products for warm climates or for smaller store formats, while new projects are testing innovative designs that combine heating and cooling.
  • Best of 2011 - CO2 heat pumps: In 2011, CO2 heat pumps have entered new markets, in water heating applications they have achieved new COPs and have conquered colder climate zones. summarises the major trends and gives an overview of the most interesting news such as the world biggest CO2 heat pump in 2011.
  • Best of 2011: case studies from developing countries: In 2011, several developing countries, termed "Article 5" countries under the Montreal Protocol, made key investments in natural refrigerants. China saw several developments regarding R744 refrigeration and heat pumps, whilst in Brazil the first CO2 only supermarket was showcased. An innovative project in Pakistan will see the development of a hybrid solar water heater using CO2.


By team (@r744)

Dec 27, 2011, 09:36

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