Korean CO2 HP water heaters by Samsung, new line up by Toshiba Carrier – Eco Cute Update

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The South Korean companies Samsung and LG have received government funding to develop Korean CO2 heat pump water heaters. The 20-storey Gate-Tower in Iwate Prefecture features Eco Cute for hot water production. And Toshiba Carrier are bringing their new Eco Cute Estia line up on the market in January.

Competition under way: Korean Eco Cutes

End of November, it became public that Samsung Electronics had developed the prototype of a CO2 heat pump water heater. The development of this Korean Eco Cute was carried out in the context of the South Korean’s government Project to Support Technological Development of domestic companies. When the budget was allocated in November 2010, Samsung had been chosen to develop medium to large size commercial CO2 heat pump water heaters and LG Electronics had been selected to develop smaller sized residential ones.

CO2 heat pump water heaters (Eco Cute) have so far been almost entirely the domain of Japanese manufacturers and have also been mostly deployed in the domestic market. Depending on the price and quality of the Korean Eco Cute, Samsung and LG could potentially become competition for the Japanese companies.

It was not revealed yet whether the two companies acutally plan to commercialse the Korean Eco Cute in Japan in the future.

Gate-Tower features Eco Cute

In Morioka, capital of Iwate Prefecture in the Northeast of Japan, the Daiwa House company, Japan’s largest homebuilder, specialising in prefabricated houses, has build a 20-storey apartment tower, close to Morioka train station. The Gate-Tower is equipped with the latest seismic isolation systems to make it earthquake-proof. In order for the building to be energy efficient, economic and low carbon, the tower has been designed to be all-electric, featuring i.a. Eco Cute for hot water production.

First full automatic, remote controlled, touch key Eco Cute series goes on sales in January

From January 2012 on, the JV Toshiba Carrier will put a new line up of seven models of the Eco Cute Estia on the market. This series is equipped with touch key remote controls and a hot water “navi” system, telling the user how much energy is used at any time.

Prices will range between ¥743,400 (~€7,290) and ¥885,150 (~€8,680).

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By R744.com team (@r744)

Dec 23, 2011, 16:20

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