French utility pushes CO2 heat pump water heaters

By team, Jan 16, 2012, 11:03 1 minute reading

Leading French energy provider Electricité de France (EDF) has partnered up with a Europe-based Japanese equipment supplier for the development and standardisation of energy efficienct and low-carbon CO2 heat pump water heating solutions.

A 3-year partnership agreement between both companies was signed by Olivier Campy, COO of SANDEN Manufacturing Europe, and Philippe Monloubou, VP Director of EDF Commerce.

EDF has identified CO2 thermodynamic solutions as a key technology for providing truly environmentally benign domestic hot water (DHW) to its energy customers.

Through this partnership, EDF aims to:
  • Support the heat pump supplier in the process of technical recognition towards national and European standards;
  • Provide R&D support for specific sub-development or testing items;
  • Carry out and present its own evaluation of the DHW CO2 technology compared to other solutions, with a view to promoting it among EDF "Bleu Ciel" labelled installers.
Responding to demanding environmental and building regulations

The agreement is part of the EDF’s initiative to implement efficient and low-carbon electric use technologies in response to the French environment law (the Grenelle).

Associated with Grenelle is for example the 2012 Thermal Regulation (RT2012), which aims to limit the energy consumption of new buildings whether for housing (residential) or for any other use (tertiary) and that is expected to drive introduction of energy efficient water heaters, such as heat pump water heaters.

The Regulations requires that the average energy consumption of new buildings is less than 50 kWh / m² / year. As the domestic water heating represents 15% of the energy consumption of a building and 7% of national energy consumption, to comply with the RT2012, the primary energy consumption for domestic water heating should be significantly reduced. 


By team (@r744)

Jan 16, 2012, 11:03

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