2012 China Refrigeration Exhibition: CO2 products on display

By Aurelie Messina, Apr 16, 2012, 00:00 4 minute reading

In a clear sign that CO2 refrigeration and CO2 heat pumps are no longer ‘just talk’ many companies, including several national exhibitors, showcased their CO2 products at the 2012 China Refrigeration Exhibition, held from April 11 to 13 in Beijing. + PHOTOS

Reflecting increasing interest in alternative refrigerants in the Chinese HVAC&R market and energy saving and emission reduction priorities, a number of companies showcased their natural working fluid products at the 23rd China Refrigeration Exhibition. These included several Chinese companies, who see a clear business opportunity for CO2 Technology in China. Several leading international companies were also present, showcasing their range of CO2 products for sale in China.

“Before it was just talk, but now there are concrete projects and in the future natural refrigerants will be a promising business”, explained several experts to R744.com. Many companies confirmed that the manufacture of CO2 products would move to China not only to target international markets but also to capture the growing Chinese domestic market both for commercial refrigeration and hot water heat pumps.

CO2 products on display

Carrier: Carrier presented their breakthrough CO2OLtecTM, HybridCO2OLTM refrigeration system for food retail shops this year. The CO2OLtecTM systems do not require oil separators and associated components and can therefore increase efficiency by 10% compared to traditional HFC products. Their HybridCO2OLTM system for stores was displayed for the first time in China, a refrigeration solution dedicated to stores operating in mid and high ambient temperatures. The product expands the geographical reach of CO2 commercial refrigeration solutions by combining CO2 and HFC (R134a) refrigerant technologies.

Danfoss: Danfoss showcased many of their industrial refrigeration CO2 solutions. Their SVL series line components, which are suitable for CO2 refrigerant operate with a high condensing pressure up to 52 bar. Danfoss also presented their food retail CO2 subcritical and transcritical applications and electronic expansion valves for CO2.

Dorin: Dorin presented its range of compressors including and all the latest developments from the production year 2011 and 2012, through its Chinese branch, called DORIN SHANGHAI COMPRESSORS SALES CO., LTD. The company has been making CO2 trancritical compressors since 1995, and on display at the Dorin booth was the CD 400 CO2 range suitable for most common cascade or booster applications. Dorin also made a technical presentation about their products.

Moon Group: At the China Refrigeration Exhibition, Yantai Moon Group, a Chinese manufacturer producing freezing and cold storage equipment displayed their CO2 screw compressors and their new CO2 cooler. Moon Group’s ammonia/CO2 technology is part of UNDP’s demonstration project for conversion from HCFC-22 for cold storage and freezing applications.

Dongqi: Dongqi Science & Technology Co., Ltd. displayed its CO2 air source heat pump for hot water. The heat pump employs Dorin’s CO2 compressor and Dongqi’s self-developed CO2 heat exchanger. The product claims to reduce operating costs by +40% when compared with an electric heater, gas-fired or oil-fired boilers, and can reach a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.5. Dongqi also introduced their innovative Hot and Cold Integration Heat Pump, which has a COP of 8. They plan to have over 80 projects this year in Beijing and Shanghai alone, with various schools, hotels and restaurants.

Sanhua: Since 2011 Sanhua Group, a Chinese manufacturer of valves, has been mass producing electronic expansion valves. At China Refrigeration Sanhua exhibited their Series R EXV electronic expansion valves for CO2 heat pump water heaters. The valve ensures the water heater is optimized for quick heating and low energy consumption.

DunAn: Zhejiang DunAn Artificial Environmental Equipment CO., LTD is a Chinese manufacturer of refrigeration auto control components, central air conditioners, heat exchangers, refrigeration & freezing equipment, and pressure vessels. During the “Ozone2Climate Technology Road Show 2012”, DunAn showcased their electronic expansion valves for CO2.

Shenzhou: Shandong Shenzhou Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. presented their CO2 Cascade Unit in the “Ozone2Climate Technology Road Show 2012”. The system adopts R744 and R404A as refrigerants.

Yong Sung (Fugi): Yung Sung Precision Tech. displayed its commercial & industrial CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters. This was the first time that Fugi displayed their CO2 heat pump water heater in China, an effort to capture a nascent market. The water heater has a high COP with dramatically lower operating costs when compared with conventional electric water heaters.

GMCC: The Chinese air conditioner and compressor producer showcased their CO2 heat pump water heater compressor during the “Ozone2Climate Technology Road Show 2012”. GMCC has over 25% global market share of compressor sales. The company has been actively developing its CO2 compressor for CO2 Heat Pumps.


By Aurelie Messina

Apr 16, 2012, 00:00

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