New product announcements by Panasonic and Mitsubishi Electric - Eco Cute Update

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Two major Japanese Eco Cute manufacturers released information about their new residential Eco Cute models. This fall Panasonic brings to market compact full-automatic residential Eco Cute models with a capacity of 195 litres. Mitsubishi Electric introduces premium models equipped with micro bubble technology.

Compact VF series Eco Cute from Panasonic with up to 35% savings

In October, Panasonic will start selling its new full-automatic residential VF series Eco Cutes. Thanks to a very compact design (hot water tank width 44cm, depth 56cm) new models can easily be installed in apartment buildings or other places with limited space. Despite its compactness, the capacity of the water tank is 195 litres, satisfying hot water demand for 2 – 4 people.

VF series models are equipped with ECONAVI function, which under specific conditions saves up to 35% (ON 1380kJ, OFF 2120kJ) of electricity consumption while preserving hot water in the bathtub. Panasonic discloses the test conditions as following:

  • Bathtub volume 180 litres
  • Set bath water temperature 42°C
  • Outdoor temperature 7°C
  • Water tank temperature 75°C
  • Water preservation two hours

Retail pricing (incl. VAT) of the VF series models starts at ¥724,500 (€7,330) for the full-automatic HE-V20FQS. The HE-V20FQES model with extra corrosion resistant finish is priced at ¥766,500 (€7,750). VF series offers models for both indoor and outdoor installations. New white backlight remote controls are available for separate purchase.

                                 Panasonic VF series

73 new models and industry first micro bubble technology by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric announced all together 73 new models in their HP series of residential Eco Cute water heaters. According to Mitsubishi Electric, 4 premium models are equipped with “industry first” two types of micro bubble technologies. Micro bubbles of 0.01mm diameter surround the body in the bathtub and create a supposedly pleasant feeling of a hot foam (“hot bubbles” feature), while 0.1mm micro bubbles clean automatically the system piping (“bubble cleaning” feature).

Premium models with capacities of 370 – 460 litres and priced (incl. VAT) ¥929,250 – 1,065,750 (€9,400 – 10,800) will be available on the Japanese market in December. Standard models with capacities of 370 – 550 litres and priced ¥651,000 – 1,034,250 (€6,590 – 10,460) are available starting the end of September.

All 73 models are equipped with energy saving functions that take into account electricity peak demand.

                          Mitsubishi Electric HP series

For press release and more product technical parameters, please, see the attached links (in Japanese).


By Past Member

Sep 05, 2012, 11:19

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