CAREL control system drives new transcritical supermarket in Italy

By Franziska Menten, Oct 05, 2012, 16:24 2 minute reading

The control system specialist has just finalised a project in Italy where its CAREL retail sistema controls and manages a new transcritical CO2 system in a 2000m2 supermarket. By proving higher energy efficiency, the company is aiming to raise awareness of CO2 in Italy and encourage its use as natural refrigerant for food retail application.

After having successfully completed a supermarket in Istanbul, Turkey with CAREL technologies earlier this year, the Italian-based manufacturer is now bringing CO2 technology to its home country. A new supermarket store equipped with a different transcritical CO2 system by another system manufacturer (Epta) has opened its doors and is controlled and managed by CAREL Retail Sistema. The store is located in Belluno, in the North-East of Italy and is the first transcritical system for the “Il Kanguro” retail chain.

CO2 coming to Southern European countries

“We will continue to work in CO2 food retail applications as the attention to green solutions and the reduction of emissions harmful for the environment is increasing year by year in all supermarket chains, technology is improving and solutions that some years ago seemed to be used only in Northern-European countries are now coming also to Southern-European countries,” says Diego Malimpensa, Application Manager at CAREL.

“Italy for example is one of the countries where CO2 transcritical installations are still very rare, but there are areas (as Belluno’s one) where the deployment of the technology could be both feasible and efficient, without significant industrial barriers when compared to conventional systems, latest technology improvements will also lower further the acceptable latitude“ he adds.

Three key reasons have led to the installation of this system:
  • A focus on environmental responsibility by the “Il Kanguro” supermarket chain, emphasising sustainable energy efficient system designs
  • To demonstrate the sustainable deployment of this technology in the Italian market, with data collection from a real installation
  • To prove the efficiency and the sustainability of a transcritical plant compared to traditional technologies

Main features and system components

  • The complete installation is monitored by CAREL PlantVisorPRO, which collects all vital information from pack, cases and cold rooms in order to intuitively manage such a system. It is also monitoring energy meters for maintenance and power consumption analysis.
  • Floating suction pressure and other algorithms are applied to maximize plant energy saving
  • EPTA ECO2-Small, extremely compact booster transcritical compressor rack (2380x780x1800mm), ideal for small supermarkets, discount stores and petrol stations
  • EC fans gas cooler
  • The compressor rack (MT and LT compressors, gas cooler, back pressure and flash gas valve) is controlled by a single CAREL pRack pR200T
  • Medium temperature suction line has a maximum capacity of 100kW with 3 compressors, the first one driven by a frequency inverter
  • Low temperature has one compressor driven by frequency inverter
  • Particular attention to the medium temperature suction superheat with hot gas and liquid injection protection
  • Each cabinet is controlled by CAREL MPXPRO


CAREL supplies solutions and control systems for the retail market, and is heavily committed to basic and applied research into energy savings, reduction of environmental impact and innovation in the management of systems.


By Franziska Menten

Oct 05, 2012, 16:24

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