Latest from Chillventa 2012 - partner products on display – Part 1

By Klara Skačanová, Oct 11, 2012, 11:01 4 minute reading

Reporting directly from the latest edition of Chillventa, is publishing a series of articles dedicated to the many CO2 products on display. In this first article we look at what was on offer at a selection of partner booths, with many more to follow shortly! + PHOTOS

Alfa Laval: On display at the company’s booth was the: Alfa-V Single Row VXM designed to use CO2, which optimises airflow and low coil resistance, which reduce energy consumption; the Optigo CC Single airflow coolers ideal for freezing and cooling applications designed to use CO2; and the Optigo CD that provides double airflow for cooling and freezing rooms. It combines low air velocity and noise level.

Dorin: Dorin displayed a range of CO2 compressors including: the CD 200 Range of transcritical CO2 compressors with displacement from 1.12m3/H to 3.00m3/H; the CD 300 Range of transcritical CO2 compressors with displacement from 4.34m3/h to 11.62m3/H; the CD 400 Range transcritical CO2 compressor with displacement from 9.48 m3/h to 30.50m3/h; and the CD Range of CO2 subcritical compressors with displacement from 1.89m3/h to 48.82m3/h.

GEA Refrigeration GmbH: The company exhibited the following CO2 compressors: the GEA Bock HG34 CO2 transcritical compressors, which are 4 cylinder for a maximum pressure up to 150 bar; the GEA Bock HG46 CO2 transcritical CO2 compressors, which are 6 cylinder and have a displacement up to 30.2 m3/h; and the GEA ConBraze brazed plate heat exchanger designed for use as an evaporator, economiser or condenser with refrigerants including CO2.

Mayekawa Europe: One of the leading advocates of natural refrigerant solutions presented their heatCO2m, a heat pump that generates hot water by recovering heat energy from any waste heat source, using CO2 as the refrigerant. With a small footprint it efficiently produces high temperature hot water for both industrial and commercial use.

Bitzer: Many of the company’s CO2 products were on display, such as:
the F562K liquid receiver suitable for R744; and the eco-friendly and efficient OCTAGON CO2 compressor series that includes the 4CTC-30K semi hermetic reciprocating compressor for transcritical CO2 with HP side up to 160 bar and the 4NSL-30K semi hermetic reciprocating compressor for subcritical CO2.

Emerson Climate Technologies Gmbh: The company presented its industry-leading Copeland Scroll™ compressors for CO2 applications. On display was the digital Scroll TM ZOD Series for CO2 subcritical ideal for compact condensing units that includes the new ZOD34 compressor; the ZO Series also for CO2 subcritical applications with a range from 2.5m3/h to 12m3/h that includes the new Z021 compressor; the PTS-150 Pressure Transmitter for transcitical applications.

enEx: In a joint venture with Huurre, enEx showcased their Huurre ECO that includes the innovative ejector concept, with an energy saving potential of 10-15% all year round. Essentially a pumped circulation system, but without the complication of a refrigerant pump, it combines high efficiency overfeed systems, with no superheat.

Frascold: Exhibited at the Italian compressor manufacturer’s booth were: Frascold’s TK semi hermetic CO2 transcritical compressors, with 4 cylinders and displacements of 7.9 m3/h to 25.3m3/h, maximum pressure up to 14O bar; and the SK2 semi hermetic CO2 subcritical compressors, with 2 or 4 cylinders and displacement of 2.6 m3/h to 34m3/h.

Grundfos: One of the world's leading pump manufacturers, had on display its CO2 optimised pump that secures minimum energy consumption through variable speed capacity control and the elimination of traditional loss generating protective devices. According to Grundfos this is the first dedicated CO2 refrigerant pump.

SCM Frigo: SCM FRIGO displayed a CO2 booster compressor pack with direct expansion. Booster line DX + UMCE is designed for indoor installations. These packs have up to 6 transcritical compressors coupled in parallel on the high temperature stage, and up to 4 subcritical compressors coupled in parallel on the low temperature stage. The pack is complete with installed electrical panel on board and controller.

Castel: Castel displayed many of the CO2 products including check valves, sight glasses, filter driers and ball valves for CO2 subcritical applications

DSI: The Danish plate freezer manufacturer had on display plate freezers that use CO2, which provide a high freezing rate and shorter freezing times. According to DSI, CO2 freezers reduce freezing times by 25-30%, helping to maintain the freshness of the natural quality of the products. DSI has sold more than 500 CO2 freezers.

Maja: On display at their booth was the RVH CO2-D flake ice machine part of the new HY-GEN flake ice line. The core feature is the innovative evaporator tank in plastic material, which can easily be removed for manual cleaning. Maja RVH CO2-D machine produces up to 30% more ice capacity compared to refrigerant R404A.



By Klara Skačanová

Oct 11, 2012, 11:01

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