Great expectations: plenty more to look forward to for R744 technology in 2013

By Clémence Girard-Reydet, Feb 20, 2013, 14:03 5 minute reading

At the start of 2013 caught up with several partners to find out what they felt were the key milestones and developments for natural refrigerants in 2012 and what they expect for 2013. Read on to find out about the most innovative products from 2012 and about the year’s trends, and discover what stand out technologies will make waves in 2013.

Why was 2012 a great year for natural refrigerants?

Carrier installs over 1000 CO2 systems: In 2012, Carrier exceeded 1000 installations using CO2 as a refrigerant. November marked a milestone with the 500th store operating with Carrier´s flagship CO2OLtec® technology, their CO2-based transcritical refrigeration system. The famila store in Friesoythe, Germany was also one of many that opted for the most energy efficient solution Carrier offers to its customers, CO2OLtec Integral. The CO2OLtec Integral system enables an average 60% reduction in the carbon footprint of the commercial refrigeration system (compared to R404A systems without heat reclaim and with gas boiler), and translates into real cost savings for the supermarket

Dorin’s doubles production of CO2 transcritical compressors: In 2012, Dorin doubled production of CO2 transcritical compressors and invested heavily in production and quality check improvements. Dorin also completed the first dedicated CO2 transcritical compressor production line.

GEA Refrigeration Germany introduces BluAstrum Chiller range 500-1800kW: These models represent ammonia chillers with the smallest footprints ever, and with operation optimised for full and partial loads. Partial-load efficiency has been improved by more than 30% as a result of precise Vi adaptation of the screw compressors in combination with very low temperature approach in the compact heat exchangers.

Ixetic develops unique compact R744 heat pump: In 2012, Ixetic developed a compact, water based R744 heat pump, for mobile heating and cooling applications of passenger compartments and batteries.

thermowave extends thermo-Plus product range: Types TL 200, TL 250, TL 400, TL 500 are now available. These high pressure heat exchangers have nominal diameters DN80, DN100, DN150 and DN200. The semi-welded components are suitable for pressure up to 50bar and are primarily for use in applications with NH3 and CO2.

Karyer increases production of CO2 evaporators by 32%: In addition appliance evaporator / gas cooler production increased to 25.000 units in 2012. Customer knowledge and experience of CO2 technology has improved in the last three years, and as a result Karyer has received more demand from industry and increased production of evaporators/ gas coolers.

DTI concludes CO2 supermarket measurement and test project: Over two years of data have been logged in this project, documenting the performance of the plant, including the gas cooler, compressors, cold rooms, and the display cabinets. Every 60 seconds, mass flows, temperatures, pressures, opening degrees of control valves, and engaged compressor capacity was recorded. This extensive set of data has been analysed with the objective of increasing our understanding of the CO2 refrigeration system and to pinpoint possible areas for improving energy performance by intelligent use of the control system and through design of efficient systems.

Developments planned for 2013

Carrier’s CO2OLtec system range enhanced for all ambient temperatures: Carrier expects increasing environmental awareness and the upcoming changes in EU F-Gas regulation to drive investment in solutions that contribute to saving energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In accordance with these drivers, Carrier is bringing next-generation products to market. Two examples are the enhancements to the CO2OLtec refrigeration system range to operate efficiently at all ambient temperatures, and the Evolution 6 refrigerated display cabinet range, which is designed to optimise the utilisation of space and to deploy energy-saving features. In parallel, Carrier is looking for new ways to boost the energy efficiency of its CO2OLtec Integral solution, focusing on the management of all thermal energy flows in a supermarket building through one central system, leveraging CO2 as a natural refrigerant.

Dorin to commercialise new compressor ranges: these include the world’s largest trans-critical CO2 compressor, the CD5000M -50hp 30.5 m3/h at 50Hz; and the world’s largest two stage compressor range, the CD2S with 4 models, motor power from 15hp to 35hp and displacements from 7m3/h to 13m3/h at 50Hz.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies new piston-compressor version of the BluAstrum chiller: The new chiller will have a capacity range of 300 – 1800 kW. 2013 development projects will focus on greater energy efficiency with piston and screw compressors as well as with all other components, meaning that all GEA compressors will be applicable in products driven by variable speed drives. GEA also expects to see a trend for smaller applications below 500 kW for transcritical CO2 products.

DTI to start thermal storage for a supermarket project, fully test a CO2 condensing unit, and offer CO2 training: The two year Thermal Storage project will commence in May 2013, and will combine an ice storage facility with a CO2 supermarket in order to explore the benefits in regard to: utilising day night temperature differences to lower consumption; boosting the heating performance at night time when relevant; peak shaving; flexible energy consumption in day to day mode; forecasting of price and load in control strategy; and evaluating payback time depending on differentiated energy price scenarios. DTI’s refrigeration lab expects to perform a full test of a CO2 condensing unit according to the requirements of the European draft for testing and rating at part load conditions and calculation of seasonal performance. DTI will also offer English language CO2 training courses on 28 May and 26 of November.

Ixetic to launch R744 compressor family for light commercial refrigeration

Karyer: In 2013, Karyer expects production of CO2 evaporators to increase by another 30%, and expects to produce 80.000 evaporators / gas coolers.

thermowave focusing on the optimisation ThermoLine frame: By using the finite elements method as well as reduction of the variety of the components of the frame, thermowave can offer customers a better delivery time and better price / performance ratio. Furthermore, sales activities will be shifted closer to customers and cooperation with the Güntner group intensified. (The Güntner group is composed of the companies thermowave, Jäggi and Güntner, which offers a wide spectrum of heat exchangers).


By Clémence Girard-Reydet

Feb 20, 2013, 14:03

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