New product announcements by Hitachi and Toshiba, new eco concept mansion with CO2 water heaters - Eco Cute Update

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Two major Japanese Eco Cute manufacturers released information about their new Eco Cute models. Hitachi will bring new 15kW commercial CO2 water heaters with tank capacity up to 1,680 litres to the domestic market. In June Toshiba introduces 24 variations of the improved, fully automatic residential type Eco Cute Estia. Japanese developer Apa Group announced a new Premium brand mansion equipped with eco technologies including Eco Cute.

15kW commercial Eco Cutes from Hitachi Appliances

The new 15kW line up of commercial Eco Cutes from Hitachi will enter the Japanese market in spring this year. All systems consist of one 15kW type CO2 heat pump and up to three hot water tanks with a capacity of 560 litres. Up to eight such systems are connectable. They can supply commercial facilities with hot water demand in the of range 2 – 30 tonnes. New models are equipped with original Hitachi technology that enables supply of high pressure hot water in two temperature ranges 35-60°C (instantly) and 65-80°C (from hot water storage tank).

The standard CD series will be available in April while the line adapted to cold climate conditions, the CDK series, will be available in May. The price of a standard CD series model with 560 litres hot water tank is ¥2,152,500 (€17,300). The high capacity 1,680 litres CDK series model will be available for ¥2,992,500 (€24,100).

New fully automatic Eco Cute with energy consumption monitors by Toshiba

A visual display of economical use of energy and improved comfort usage are features of the new line up of Estia fully automatic residential Eco Cute. All 24 models have an annual performance factor (APF) of 3.0, and available hot water tank capacities are 370, 460 and 560 litres. A stylish control panel with illuminated touch screen enables users to visualise energy consumption and provide easy operation. The system is equipped with new functions iCheck (e.g. displays weekly energy and water consumption) and EcoChallenge that encourages ecologically-conscious usage patterns.

Toshiba’s announcement is in line with the latest trend updates. Although they have little in terms of major technology breakthrough relating to the core CO2 cycle, they instead focus on improving peripheral technology and increasing user-friendliness. Integration into HEMS (Home Energy Management System) becomes a new standard for latest Eco Cute models. With an additional adapter the Estia line up is ready to interact with ECHONET Lite standard, endorsed by Japanese government. In addition, all models support Toshiba Home IT system Feminity that enables remote monitoring and control of hot water supply and Eco Cute status update with a smart phone.

Premium brand apartment building equipped with Eco Cute

A ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a brand new high-end apartment building took place recently in Toyama prefecture. Japanese developer Apa Group plans to build 122 new class mansions in the 15 floor building. One of the main specifications of this new concept is the utilisation of the latest eco technologies to reduce the carbon footprint. Every mansion is equipped with the best available efficient CO2 water heater, high class insulation, LED lightings or an IH cooking heater.

The electrification of households once strongly promoted by Japanese government took a big hit after the Fukushima disaster. Now, with world’s highest FID (feed in tariffs) for renewables energy Japan has seen an enormous inflow of capital and with solar and wind power generation experiencing significant growth. The move towards clean energy can help revitalise the all-electric concept and support the ongoing popularity of CO2 heat pumps for residential water heating.

See the attached links for the press release and more product technical information (in Japanese).


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Mar 15, 2013, 08:54

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