World’s first CO2 heat pump with automatic heat source control on display at FOOMA Japan 2013

By Ginta Vanaga, Jul 02, 2013, 15:58 2 minute reading

FOOMA Japan 2013, the International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition, brought together more than 94,000 attendees over the course of four days. 725 companies presented their technologies related to food manufacturing and processing. attended the event to meet those companies that use natural refrigerants. Mayekawa was one of those companies, which displayed its new UNIMO EcoCute heat pump featuring automatic selection between air and water heat source and the NewTon refrigerat

Organised by The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, FOOMA Japan 2013 attracted 725 exhibitors and 94,087 visitors between 11 and 14 June. The FOOMA trade show brought together major companies and experts in the food machinery industry to present and discover the latest industry developments. reports on products using CO2 as a refrigerant on display at the Mayekawa booth.

UNIMO AWW – world’s first CO2 heat pump with automatic control of air/water heat source

Targeting the food processing industries attending FOOMA Japan 2013, Mayekawa displayed their new commercial/industrial use EcoCute UNIMO AWW. This CO2 heat pump with a heating capacity up to 96kW features industry first automatic heat source control – selecting between air and water heat sources. UNIMO AWW supplies hot water at temperatures of 65 or 90°C. To accommodate food industry needs, UNIMO AWW also can provide chilled water for air-conditioning or process cooling.

Although the actual unit was not on display, visitors of the Mayekawa booth could learn about the new UNIMO WW – water heat source EcoCute for industrial and commercial applications featuring the industry’s top COP of 9.3. UNIMO WW supplies 65 or 90°C hot water and provides chilled water or brine in a temperature range from -9 to 17°C.

NewTon F refrigeration system for food processing with 20% gains over R22 system

On display at Mayekawa’s booth was a NewTon F-800 ammonia compressor unit – a refrigeration system developed especially for freezers in food processing plants. All NewTon systems use ammonia as the primary refrigerant and CO2 as a secondary refrigerant. The NewTon F-800 features a two-stage semi-hermetic screw compressor and has a cooling capacity of 170kW (other available models exist with a cooling capacity of 70kW and 140kW). The NewTon F series supplies CO2 to freezers at a temperature of -42°C. According to the product brochure the NewTon F series is 20% more energy efficient than a refrigeration system using R22 as the refrigerant. According to Mayekawa, NewTon is an increasingly popular all natural solution in Japan thanks to the high energy efficiency and reliability of the well proven technology.

CooLDo – a sign of modern design coming to HVAC&R industry?

Attracting the attention of all show attendees was the world’s premiere of a re-designed Thermo Jack Freezer called CooLDo, exhibited together with NewTon F’s compressor at Mayekawa booth. The prototype of this new model of tunnel freezer for continuous rapid freezing was exhibited in order to receive first feedback from the food industry. CooLDo is a modern concept with design features more common in spaceship or highspeed train design than in the HVAC&R industry. It will be interesting to see if the model launched on the market maintains the progressive design features seen at FOOMA.


By Ginta Vanaga

Jul 02, 2013, 15:58

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