What leading supermarkets think about CO2 technology

By Janet Thompson, Oct 09, 2013, 15:29 5 minute reading

EDEKA, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Ahold, Modelo Continente Hipermercados Portugal and Delhaize Belgium will speak about their experiences with natural refrigerants, including R744, at the upcoming ATMOsphere Europe 2013 conference. In addition, Advansor, Carel, Danfoss, Frigo-Consulting, DTI and Emerson will present their latest commercial refrigeration technology case studies. R744.com sat down with Event Manager, Franziska Ment

R744.com: How will CO2 factor into the discussions at the upcoming ATMOsphere Europe 2013 conference in Brussels next week?

FM: CO2, especially for commercial applications, will play a huge role at this year’s conference. We are very excited to say that this year’s conference includes more and new supermarket representatives speaking, and industry leading suppliers who can provide great insight into the latest CO2 technology developments. But CO2 will not only feature in discussions about commercial refrigeration. There will also be presentations about CO2 in heat pumps, transport refrigeration, breweries and in plate freezers aboard fishing vessels. During the Consumer Goods Endu-User Panel, CO2 for light commercial applications will be on the agenda with The Coca Cola Company talking about it’s CO2 bottle coolers.

R744.com: Can you tell us more about the sessions focusing on CO2 for commercial refrigeration applications?

FM: A large portion of the 2nd conference day, October 16th, is dedicated to CO2 in commercial refrigeration. The day kicks off with a Commercial Refrigeration Case Studies Session, in which leading suppliers such as Advansor, Carel, Danfoss, Frigo-Consulting, DTI and Emerson Climate Technologies present their newest technology innovations and projects for supermarkets. In the afternoon, a dedicated Food Retailer Panel featuring representatives from EDEKA, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, Marks & Spencer, Ahold, Modelo Continente Hipermercados Portugal and Delhaize Belgium will focus on the importance of natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration. These leading retailers will provide personal experiences and feedback on using CO2 technology.

Following that, the systems suppliers like Advansor, AHT, Enex, Green & Cool, and SCM Frigo have the chance to present and discuss for example future solutions for retailers not just in the north of Europe but also in warmer climates. The day ends with a unique combined Q&A session, in which suppliers and retailers have the chance to pose questions to one another, and the audience has the opportunity to question both parties.

R744.com: What else can we expect from ATMOsphere Europe this year and what’s new?

FM: This will be the fifth time we are organising the ATMOsphere conference and workshop in Brussels and the main theme will be “Natural Refrigerants – Solutions for Europe”. While the structure is similar to past events, we are introducing some exciting new features such as more case studies than ever before with a dedicated session for heat pumps and one for commercial refrigeration. Additional novelties are the technomercials organised by industry leading suppliers and side events featuring some of the latest natural refrigerant publications. Some of our speakers will use ATMOsphere Europe 2013 as a platform to make industry changing announcements. The participant list is already almost full, a great reflection of attendee satisfaction with past events. Overall, we are expecting this to be the best ATMOsphere Europe we’ve ever organised.

R744.com: The new proposed F-Gas regulation is one of the hot topics here in Europe. Will you cover this issue as well?

FM: This is for sure one of the main topics on the first day of the conference. After the proposed revision of the current F-Gas Regulation from the European Commission and the proposed amendments by the European Parliament Environment Committee, it is now in the hands of the EU Member States to agree on a common language with the European Parliament on the final text of the Regulation. With the F-Gas session and Panel debate, we will have the key stakeholders involved in the discussion from the European Commission, European Parliament and member state governments, as well as representatives from the NGO and association side. ATMOsphere Europe will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the content of the regulation, its latest updates and even discuss the proposed legal text with the people that are actually influencing it.

R744.com: What plans do you have for future ATMOsphere events?

FM: The main purpose of the ATMOsphere events is to bring natural refrigerants faster to market. As we have seen significant progress in Europe regarding the development and adoption of natural refrigerant technology in the last few years, we would like to take the opportunity to focus a bit more on other world regions (North America, Asia, etc.) that still have some catching up to do. Therefore, ATMOsphere Europe will become a bi-annual event and shecco will concentrate on organising ATMOsphere conferences in new and exciting locations around the world. We will also be organising more and more smaller networking events to help natural refrigerant experts connect on a regular basis.

R744.com: Where can people find out more about ATMOsphere Europe or events around the globe?

FM: All information about ATMOsphere Europe and any other ATMOsphere events can be found on ATMO.org. This includes programmes, media kits, speaker biographies, news articles, information about accommodation etc. After each event, presentations, pictures and event summary reports are also posted so that those who were unable to attend the event can still obtain basic information about the conference topics and conclusions. For additional questions, the ATMOsphere team is always available at info@ATMO.org.

More about ATMOsphere Europe 2013
15 & 16 October 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Le Palace Hotel in Brussels, Belgium

The 5th annual ATMOsphere Europe conference brings together around 200 participants including leading suppliers, end-users, government representatives, associations and more. In addition to providing an exclusive and in-depth look at the upcoming F-gas regulations, the event also dedicates several sessions to commercial refrigeration with panel discussion and presentations involving key supermarket chains, retail brands and system suppliers.

View full ATMOsphere Europe 2013 programme: www.ATMO.org/europe2013/programme

Register for ATMOsphere Europe 2013

For general information about the conference, please visit www.ATMO.org/europe2013


By Janet Thompson

Oct 09, 2013, 15:29

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