Main trends and expectations for R744 in 2014

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Jan 17, 2014, 15:10 7 minute reading

As 2013 has come to an end, it is time to review the achievements and developments taken place throughout the year. has approached several of its partners to find out what they think were the major developments and key innovations for natural refrigerants. Looking ahead, we asked them about their plans, expectations and hopes for 2014.

What made 2013 a successful year for natural refrigerants?

Advansor expanded to 15 countries: “This year we added the TOP 3 European retailers to our reference list and we expanded our geographical stretch to 15 countries,” Torben M. Hansen, Director of Sales.

Enex installed CO2 transcritical systems in Southern Europe: “One fact we are particularly proud of is the installation of several all-CO2 plants of large capacity, up to 250 kW MT and 60 kW LT, in Southern Europe, specifically in Italy and Spain. All the plants included the latest developments for high efficiency under severe climatic conditions,” Sergio Girotto, President.

SANDEN increased visibility of its highly efficient CO2 heat pump water heater: “SANDEN CO2 technology for DHW production has gained significant visibility amongst contractors and installers. In addition it is now indisputably associated to high performance in stakeholders’ mind,” Sylvain Gillaux, Sales & Marketing Manager, SANDEN Europe.

Frascold extended its range of subcritical and transcritical models: “For Frascold, 2013 was a positive year, the fourth in a row since 2009. General sales have grown and the segments that showed a higher percentage of growth were: screw compressors, ATEX compressors for hydrocarbons, CO2 compressors- especially subcritical type for cascade systems in the retail sector. We worked during 2013 to extend the range of subcritical and transcritical models that now include: SK2 Range (for subcritical application up to 55 bar), 2 cylinder compressors from 2,5 m3/h up to 11 m3/h, TK Range (for transcritical application up to 140 bar) 4 cylinder compressors from 8 to 26 m3/h,” Vincenzo Isgrò, Business Development Manager.

Shrieve invested in technology centres in Texas and China: “Our commitment to next generation lubrication technologies for AC and refrigeration compressors has been underpinned by significant investments in new technology centres in both Texas and China during 2013. In addition, we welcomed Dr. Chris Seeton as Director of Global Application Technology for Specialty Products within Shrieve. Dr. Seeton is also the Vice-Chair of the ASHRAE Refrigeration Committee and Vice-Chair of the Fluids Group of the SAE Interior Climate Control Standards Committee,” Scott Gustafson, Director of Global Strategy.

Henry Technologies launched  a series of products for transcritical CO2: “We are proud of the successful launch of our new products suitable for transcritical CO2 systems. The series was launched in May 2013 and has been well received by the market. The range includes a variety of safety devices as well as products for oil management systems that are suitable for pressures up to 130 Bar,” Louise Allan, Marketing Executive.

Most innovative R744 products and technologies of 2013

Advansor’s Sigma booster: “Our most innovative product this year was the Sigma booster units comprising heat recovery, air to water heat pump, A/C water cooling,” Torben M. Hansen, Director of Sales.

Henry Technologies’ 5701AX pressure relief valve: “Included in our offering of safety devices is the 5701AX pressure relief valve. The main advantage of this EN ISO 4126 compliant valve for the end-user is that in the event of a discharge, the relief valve will close again within 15% of the set pressure, therefore retaining a large proportion of the system charge compared to an uncertified valve which may reseat as low as 50% of set pressure,” Louise Allan, Marketing Executive.

Enex’s ejector solution: “The ejector solution was incorporated in some large size plants, showing the expected energy savings, as measured in a laboratory during a 2 year development period. Both concepts, liquid overfeeding and vapor pre-compression through expansion energy recovery, were adopted successfully. The interest from the market is growing and several new systems incorporating the new technology are now being built for installation in early 2014,” Sergio Girotto, President .

GEA Bock’s semi-hermetic CO2 compressor for transcritical CO2 applications: "As the market’s demand for sustainable solutions keeps increasing, GEA Bock introduced the HG46 CO2 T compressor, one of the biggest semi-hermetic CO2 compressor for transcritical CO2 applications with a displacement of up to 30,2 m³/h. This 6-cylinder compressor has an outstanding COP and is used in numerous industrial heat pumps as well as in classical refrigeration applications such as supermarkets,” Manuel Fröschle, Product Manager CO2 and natural refrigerants.

Frascold’s new version of suction cut-off system: “In 2013 Frascold developed and patented a new version of suction cut-off system branded RSH that: permit to regulate 50%-100% cooling capacity of a 2 cylinders compressor, permit (in combination with a traditional CC) to regulate 25%-50%-75%-100% the cooling capacity of a 4 cylinders compressor. This solution will allow to double the steps of regulation of a condensing unit or power pack reducing the wasted energy and the number of starting cycles of the motors,” Vincenzo Isgrò, Business Development Manager.

SANDEN’s CO2 combi-type heat pump: “During this past year we kept innovating as we launched the first CO2 combi-type heat pump in Europe for both space heating and DHW production. This revolutionary system, available in France since September, has already been selected by a house builder to be installed in a new concept awarded by the Union of French Houses (Union des Maisons Françaises). This proves that CO2 heat pumps are an existing viable alternative to F-Gas and they match the latest building codes requirements,“Sylvain Gillaux, Sales & Marketing Manager of SANDEN Europe

Plans and expectations for 2014

Advansor to launch ValuePack booster series: “For 2014 we expect the F-gas regulation to stimulate the market growth for natural refrigeration retail solutions. In Q1 of 2014, we will launch our ValuePack booster series from 10-40 kW, aiming at convenience store formats. As the name indicates, we have reduced the cost base significantly with this development,” Torben M. Hansen, Director of Sales.

Enex to introduce renewed small all-CO2 units for convenience stores: "With the goal of targeting the market of convenience stores in 2014, Enex has further optimized its “Drava” family of small all-CO2 units to achieve low footprint per kW capacity, high energy savings and shorter pay back of the investment. The design of the circuit will include ejector evaporator overfeeding, adapted to the needs of this size of equipment. All that simplifies installation eliminates the risk of liquid suction from compressors. We believe that, with this new product, CO2 will become in Europe, but also in a near future in other regions of the world, the preferred option for the commercial refrigeration sector, also in the range of capacities between 20 and 50 kW in which, for cost reasons, the HFC were so far the preferred option,” Sergio Girotto, President.

Frascold to expand the range of subcritical and transcritical compressors: “For 2014 we will further enlarge SK2 range introducing a smaller subcritical compressor of 1,6 m3/h and 4 bigger 4 cylinder models up to 34 m3/h. Also transcritical range will be extended in 2014 with smaller models 2 and 4 cylinder down to 1,5 m3/h,” Vincenzo Isgrò, Business Development Manager.

SANDEN expects increase in demand for CO2 technology: “For this upcoming year, we intend to continue the deployment of SANDEN CO2 technology in Europe. We believe that the demand for energy efficient systems using natural refrigerant will increase,” Sylvain Gillaux, Sales & Marketing Manager of SANDEN Europe. He expects the new F-Gas Regulation and increased consumer awareness to be the main drivers for growth in 2014.

Systemes LMP to install TC systems with subcooling technology in warm climates: “For 2014 our goal is to install a transcritical system in a southern climate. We have developed a form of subcooling technology that will improve the efficiency of your transcritical compressors that is beneficial for the warmer climates. With this innovation, patented by Systemes LMP, our transcritical system will work as efficiently as a conventional synthetic refrigerant system under the same conditions regardless of the climatic environment,” Jeffrey Gingras, Vice President of Sales.

Star Refrigeration to release CO2 Refrigeration course: “2014 is looking promising for Star Refrigeration, especially with the planned release of the long-awaited CO2 Refrigeration course, which covers installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of refrigeration systems using r744. The standalone theory eLearning course follows UK and EU guidelines, including pressure system/PED/CDM regulations. The underpinning knowledge within the course is suitable for refrigeration and heating engineers on a global scale,” Astrid Prado, Star eLearning (


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Jan 17, 2014, 15:10

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