UPDATE: More CO2 components displayed at HVAC Japan 2014 than ever before

By Klara Skačanová, Feb 28, 2014, 16:30 5 minute reading

The 38th HVAC&R Japan (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration), organised in Tokyo Big Sight, drew its largest ever crowd, and lived up to its tagline “Looking into the Future of Temperature Technologies”, with a high number of CO2 components on show. Seeking to demonstrate how they can contribute to an environmentally conscious society, the 2014 show presented a new future vision for heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigerating

R744.com Gold partners exhibiting at HVAC&R Japan

Alfa Laval: The Swedish heat exchanger specialist presented their range for high pressure CO2 and ammonia applications:
  • CBXP range: with a pressure rating of 70-90 bar the CBXP range is often used as evaporator, economizer and oil cooler in CO2 transcritical applications.
  • AXP range: for applications requiring pressure up to 120 bar, e.g. CO2 gas cooling for heat recovery
  • Alfa Nova: compact, fusion-bonded plate hade exchangers well suited in applications which put high demand on cleanliness, applications where ammonia is used or applications where copper or nickel contamination is no accepted

CAREL: The Italian controller and valve specialist showed strong support for environmentally friendly and energy efficient natural refrigerant solutions, with displays touting the benefits of R744, ammonia and hydrocarbons, and showcasing a variety of components suitable for CO2 applications including:
  • exvsistema: suitable for subcritical and transcritical CO2 cycles, the evxsistema is an integrated solution for controlling evaporation temperatures in air conditioning and refrigeration units, enabling energy savings thanks to possibility to operate at low condensing pressures, as well as precise superheat control.
  • pRack pR300T: designed for CO2 systems the powerful controller integrates external components such as the electronic expansion valves driver, and external actuators and controllers.
  • MPXPRO: for the control of multiplexed refrigeration units or systems made up of groups of units that need to operate in a "coordinated" manner.

: For CO2 applications Danfoss had a number of components on display at their distributor Saginomiya’s booth, including:
  • EKC326A CO2 pressure controls and AKS2050 pressure transmitters
  • NRVH check valves and GBC ball valves
  • ICMTS high pressure expansion valve
  • DMT filter drier
  • SVA-HS stop valve

Mayekawa: Mayekawa’s focus at HVAC&R Japan was visibly on CO2. Launching their CO2 product called Chris, Mayekawa also had the following technologies on display:
  • Unimo AWW: air and water heat source CO2 heat pump (Eco Cute) with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.2, designed to provide a constant supply of hot water in large volumes, the Unimo is uniquely suited to meet the needs of hospitals, hotels and food processing plants. The unit provides 35 tonnes of hot water in 24 hours.
  • NewTon R: NH3/CO2 cooling system that uses indirect cooling methods to reduce the ammonia charge to between 25 and 75 kg. The system relies on an Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor, which allows it to achieve 5-10% higher efficiencies than conventional induction type motors. A NewTon R installation at the Tokyo Toyomi Cold Storage Funbashi NA Logistics Centre has achieved 30% energy savings.

Parker-SPORLAN: Japanese distributor for Parker-SPORLAN products MAJ, had on display at their booth a number of Parker-SPORLAN products designed for use with high pressure CO2:
  • CO series of filter driers for CO2 transcritical applications, with a maximum rated pressure of 155 bar and solid copper connections for fast, easy connection
  • Electronic expansion valves with increased superheat stability in large systems and integral sight glass
  • XSP series solenoid valves for secondary coolant CO2

R744.com Silver partners exhibiting at HVAC&R Japan

Bitzer: Demonstrating the company’s R744 expertise, Bitzer displayed the 4MTC semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, suitable for CO2 transcritical applications, part of the OCTAGON CO2 series.

Gianni Parlanti, BITZER Director of Business Development, explains in the company’s HVAC&R Japan press release, “compressors for transcritical – as well as subritical – CO2 applications have to meet special safety, dependability, and efficiency requirements because of the particular characteristics of CO2 itself. Thermal loads, high operating pressures, and high specific refrigerating capacity combine to produce considerable forces and burdens on smaller components.”

SWEP: Specialised in manufacturing brazed plate heat exchangers, SWEP exhibited their CO2 solutions including the B17, B9, and B16DW-U models and the newly launched B18 for ultra high-pressure. The heat exchangers have the following features:
  • B18: optimised for higher heat load capacities than the B17 (up to 150kW as a gas cooler and up to 60 kW as an evaporator)
  • B17: optimised for high heat pump capacities (up to 60 kW as a gas cooler and up to 40 kW as an evaporator)
  • B9: based on the AsyMatrix concept, the B9 high pressure is suitable for CO2 heat pumps and refrigeration applications.
  • B16DW-U: high capacity heat exchanger designed for CO2 heat pumps

R744.com bronze partners exhibiting at HVAC&R Japan

INFICON: the leak detector specialist for the HVAC and refrigeration sectors had on display the handy D-TEK CO2 detector and their HLD5000 smart, a detector with dual gas inlet that allows it to distinguish background CO2 levels from an actual CO2 leak.

Maja: partnering with Shibata Welding Construction (SWC), the German ice flake machine manufacturer attended HVAC&R Japan for the first time this year, and had on display their RVH CO2 ice flake machine. According to the manufacturer, direct operation with CO2 enables up to 30 more ice capacity compares to machines that use R404a. The RVH is part of the HY-GEN flake ice line that feature an innovative evaporation tank in plastics that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Other companies exhibiting at HVAC&R Japan

Kaori: The Taiwanese brazed plate heat exchanger manufacturer had on show their high pressure exchanger designed for CO2 heat pump and refrigeration applications. Available in different designs with maximum working pressure 70 bar, 100 bar, 140 bar, the heat exchangers use a stainless corrugated thin plate with counter flow design.

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Feb 28, 2014, 16:30

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