2014 China refrigeration: Partners products on display

By Clémence Girard-Reydet, Apr 24, 2014, 14:02 4 minute reading

At the 2014 China Refrigeration Exhibition in Beijing a number of international and Chinese suppliers showcased their latest CO2 products. Although R744 was not dominant at CR2014, the presence of market leaders and their continuing efforts to provide state-of-the-art technology seems to be bringing about a change in the commercial refrigeration and heat pumps market. R744.com looks at exhibitors with CO2 products on display. + PHOTOS

At the 24th China Refrigeration Exhibition, held from 9-11 April 2014 in Beijing, various market players confirmed CO2 technology is a hot topic in today’s discussions about trends for the years to come. Key manufacturers in this field showcased their latest CO2 products and R&D. Some manufacturers and suppliers like Dorin and Yantai Moon Group also organised technology seminars to introduce their latest CO2 technology and applications in China. 
R744.com Gold Partners
Carrier - As the only system manufacturer Carrier displayed its CO2 rack system available for local market. ‘Mini CO2OL compact’ with capacities 18-185kW for MT and 3-70kW for LT. According to Carrier representatives this year there will be more pilot projects with CO2 as a result of ongoing discussion going in right direction. The interest comes not only from international companies but also local brands. Recent accidents related to ammonia leak in China, help shifted the attention to CO2 systems also for cool room applications. According to Carrier a step by step approach is necessary with proper infrastructure, trained technicians and enough hands on experience. To address this need in the market, Carrier is operating a CO2 showroom in Shanghai.
Carel - The supplier of valves and controls for CO2 and ammonia solutions showcased components for CO2 transcritical Booster (pRack pR300T) and CO2 Cascade Subcritical (pRack pR300) systems. Carel also show exhibited its control solutions for both small and large footprint stores.
Danfoss - Danfoss exhibited a series of state-of-the-art refrigeration technologies with natural refrigerants and their applications in China. This year, the company displayed its star product the ICF Flexline valve station. The valve is designed for both low and high pressure refrigerants and for industrial refrigeration applications. It is especially suitable for CO2 and for industrial refrigeration secondary cooling systems with ammonia and CO2. Also on display was ADAP-KOOL System Manager AK-SM 800, control system for supermarkets accessible from a web-browser or mobile device, securing food safety, robust operation and energy savings for stores using conventional or natural refrigerants.
Dorin - This year the compressor manufacturer showcased its CDS Range and CD400 Range of CO2 compressors for subcritical and transcritical applications. The CD400 Range offers displacement from 9.48 to 30.5 m3/h.
GEA Refrigeration - GEA exhibited pair of CO2 compressors: The GEA HGX12e subcritical CO2 applications for industrial and commercial refrigeration; and the GEA HGX46 CO2 T compressor, a semi-hermetic six-cylinder reciprocating compressor with drive motor for part winding start that can be used both in transcritical and subcritical systems.
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Bitzer - Bitzer showcased their four-cylinder semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor for transcritical CO2 applications, model 4CTC-30K.
Emerson - At the booth, Emerson presented its Copeland Scroll™ compressor with digital modulation for CO2 applications, model ZOD104 with subcritical capacity range 22kW. Also on display was Copeland Stream™ semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor for transcritical refrigeration, capacity range 15-28kW. 
Frascold - The Italian compressor manufacturer exhibited its semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor for CO2 subcritical applications, model Q9-20SK2. The SK Series comes in 13 models, 2 and 4 cylinders. This year, Frascold exhibited also S30-26TK  model of TK Series of transcritical reciprocating compressors. 
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Castel - At this year’s China Refrigeration Exhibition, Castel was also present and displayed several CO2 products including check valves and ball valves for CO2 subcritical applications.
Henry Technologies - Number of components for CO2 systems were on display also at the booth of this Scottish manufacturer. Among them, an oil filter-drier SH-4005 for 45bar and temperature range -10/+110°C and pressure equipment tested up to 120 bar was exhibited.
Others exhibitors
Dalian Refrigeration - LGC11 screw compressor for CO2 refrigerant with maximum working pressure of 5.2MPa and theoretical displacement 240m3 (at 5100rpm) was on display at this Chinese manufacturer. With heavy duty profile, high speed high pressure cartridge mechanical seal the compressor with variable speed control and plunger adjustment features high part-load efficiency.
Dongqi - Dongqi Science & Technology Co., Ltd. displayed its latest version CO2 heat pump. The product can be used in hot water production for commercial and residential buildings. The product can reduce operating costs by 40% when compared with an electric heater, gas-fired or oil-fired boilers, and can reach a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.5.
HIGHLY / Shanghai Hitachi - The compressor expert in China displayed its CO2 compressor for heat pump (HP) water heater at the booth. A 3.5kW compressors from G-Series finds its application in the 1HP residential HP water heater. CO2 compressors developed by the joint venture between Hitachi and Shanghai Highly are where heating capacity is between 3500W and 11600W.
Saginomiya - Global manufacturer of automatic controls presented electronic expansion valves for use with CO2, in particular Type UKV-J and Type JKV of valves operating up to 15MPa pressures and temperature range -30 to 70°C were on display. For CO2 companies offers also solenoid valves, pressure sensors or pressure controls.
Yantai Moon Group - Yantai Moon Group displayed their CO2 refrigeration compressor unit this year. With design pressure 5MPa the compressor is suitable for subcritical CO2 cycle and applications such as high temperature water heat pump and high pressure fluid compression. 




By Clémence Girard-Reydet

Apr 24, 2014, 14:02

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