Dena Line launches Oil Separators for CO2 transcritical applications

By Silvia Scaldaferri, May 07, 2014, 12:36 2 minute reading

Dena Line, Italian manufacturer of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning components, is ready to market its latest oil separators for CO2 transcritical applications to the EU and Russian markets. A product developed in response to market demand, the patent-pending, mechanical oil separator has a maximum working pressure (MWP) of 130 bar and a lengthy life-cycle.

This innovative mechanical oil filter lasts longer than the standard filtration method, therefore, the entire system does as well,” said Ing. Mauro Avanzini, President and CEO.

The oil separators are to be available in Europe and Russia, with particular interest in the product coming from northern Europe.

We already have pending orders for this product so we are ready to manufacture it; it is also patent pending,” said Avanzini. “We decided to produce oil separators due to the market request to supply a product with no filter replacement cost, especially for the transcritical CO2 cycle,” he explained.

The oil separators are built using special steels, featuring high reliability and lengthy life-cycle. The system receives the oil through an integrated oil reserve, separates the oil from the refrigerant gas and filters impurities and dirt from the refrigeration or air conditioning installation.

Basic specifications

  • Maximum working pressure PS 130 bar
  • Application range: for compressor displacement up to 120m³/h
  • Permissible temperature TS -40/ -120°C
  • Salt-spray corrosion resistance at 250 hours, according to standard ASTM-B117, and 1000 hours resistance upon customer request
  • Volumes and connection sizes: upon customer request
  • Optional: sight glasses, electrical liquid level sensor and valves/connections
  • CE marked

Main product advantages

  • Custom design available
  • Lengthy life cycle and reliability: mechanical oil filter lasts longer than the standard filtration method
  • High performance
  • Cost saving: no filter replacement cost, integrated oil receiver

More about Dena Line s.p.a.

Established in 1977 in Pordenone, Italy, Dena Line s.p.a is a European leader in the production of refrigeration and air conditioning components. All products are made in Pordenone, one of Europe’s main industrial districts, controlled and quality certified, whilst ongoing investment is made in new technologies. Operating today in an 8500 m2 facility, with 4000 m2 added to the production area, Dena Line has undergone strong expansion initiatives, also having recently invested in new welding technologies and helium testing systems.

Dena Line develops components suitable for CO2 (both subcritical and transcritical), ammonia and hydrocarbons, using special materials that withstand up to PS 140 bar and TS - 40 / + 130 °C.



By Silvia Scaldaferri

May 07, 2014, 12:36

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