Grundfos CO2 circulation pump launch for US market with free expert consultation

By Sofia Tasiou, Jun 12, 2014, 15:47 2 minute reading

Grundfos, one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers first launched their CO2 circulation (RC) pumps for sale globally in 2010. These pumps are now being re-launched in USA and Canada as a result of the recent growth in the market for CO2 refrigeration systems within the food retail and industrial refrigeration sectors. With over 150 CO2 refrigerated supermarkets across the USA and Canada, it is anticipated that R744 technology will experience the same success as in Europe.

Grundfos RC pumps are used to circulate CO2 to a network of liquid overfeed evaporators in a refrigeration system. The Danish manufacturer hopes to capitalise on the growing market for CO2, which in Europe has already more than doubled in two years, a trend which is expected to be repeated in North America. 
Dedicated OEM sales team marks increased US and Canadian presence 
Grundfos is increasing its presence in the USA and Canada with a dedicated industry OEM sales team, bringing Grundfos closer to its customer base. The new Industry OEM sales team will have focus on the refrigeration sector and the opportunities for the RC pumps in food retail refrigeration (supermarkets) and industrial refrigeration (ice rinks).
Free expert consultations about CO2 refrigeration
Grundfos will offer customers a free expert consultation about CO2 refrigeration system design, the integration of RC pumps and other products.
For example, RC pumps are typically installed together with Grundfos CUE frequency converters. The combination of the RC pump, with a CUE frequency converter, creates a unique solution for optimised capacity control and improved pump protection.
Features of stainless steel RC pumps
The RC pump was the world’s first pump designed and optimised for the circulation of liquid CO2 refrigerant. A barrel type design is used to cope with the high system pressure of CO2 refrigeration systems, and the mechanical system and hydraulics of the pump are designed for the particular properties of CO2: density, viscosity and low temperature.
RC pumps provide a unique range of benefits to refrigeration installations using CO2 as refrigerant:
  • ETL Listed. A UL Listing is pending
  • Full product program for both 60 Hz and 50 Hz
  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Maximum system pressure is either 580 or 750 psig
About Grundfos
Established in 1945, Grundfos is today one of the leading pump manufacturers worldwide with an annual production of more than 16 million pump units. 80 companies in 45 countries represent the Grundfos Group. The company manufactures circulator pumps for heating and air-conditioning, covering about 50 % of the world market for these pumps. In addition its wide product range includes centrifugal pumps for industry, water supply, waste water and dosing, as well as norm and submersible motors for pumps or as separate units. Furthermore, Grundfos develops and sells state-of-the-art electronics for monitoring, controls for pumps and other systems.


By Sofia Tasiou

Jun 12, 2014, 15:47

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