Chillventa 2014: over 40 companies showcase CO2 components for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications – Part 1

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Oct 22, 2014, 15:34 5 minute reading

From 14-16 October the highly anticipated Chillventa trade fair saw over 120 companies exhibiting solutions for CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons and water. Part one of's exclusive Chillventa reporting on CO2 components, summarises the plethora of CO2 optimised controllers, valves, filter dirers, pressure transmitters and more, on display for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications from GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE partners.

The biggest display of CO2 components under one roof, Chillventa 2014 brought together industry leading component manufacturers including Carel, Danfoss, Emerson, Grundfos, Refrigera, Kaori, Inficon, IBP and Wieland, to unveil their newest product launches and improved components, namely: valves, controllers, pumps, heat exchangers, tubes and fittings.

CAREL Industries: Leaders in complete control solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration, CAREL had three CO2-specific controllers for commercial compressor racks: the pR300 for subcritical CO2, the p300T for transcritical CO2, ideal for warm climates, and the pR100T for CO2 condensing units or small convenience stores. The pRack platform is designed to help retailers manage and optimise energy distribution of their systems through a user-friendly and flexible interface. Also specific to CO2, the E3V-C electronic expansion valve designed for both the main High Pressure Valve (HPV) & Receiver Pressure Valve (RPV) within a transcritical system, provides a wide range of capacities for a maximum working pressure of 140 bar g.

Danfoss: Premiering its new visual identity and new booth design at Chillventa, Danfoss’ wide portfolio of products for CO2 refrigeration in commercial and industrial applications included electronic controllers, electronic expansion valves for up to 140 bar, sensors and transmitters for up to 100 bar, thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves for up to 90 bar, switches, filters and driers, check valves, shut-off valves and sight glasses.

A Chillventa product launch, the MBS 8250 high pressure transmitter is a hermetic solution for pressures of up to 159 bar (absolute sealed-gauge) designed for use in harsh environments. The transmitter can help lower total cost of ownership for CO2 supermarket refrigeration systems. Also new at Chillventa was a range of stainless steel components ideal for use with CO2. The SVL SS Flexline, available in different functions: stop, stop/check, check, regulating and filter, are modular in design, allowing them to share spare parts. The valves feature coloured seal caps and ID rings for easy identification. Danfoss also displayed its high pressure DMT filter drier for CO2 systems working at a maximum pressure of 140 bar.

Emerson Climate Technologies: Alco Controls by Emerson has launched a new range of electronic and mechanical controls for all common CO2 applications including hybrid, secondary loop (pump CO2), cascade and booster systems.

Types and models include:

  • Transcritical electrical control valves type CX4-CX7 for 120/172 bar
  • Subcritical electrical control valves type EX4-EX7 for 60/66 bar
  • Electronic expansion valves type CX2 for 90/129 bar
  • Pressure transmitters type PT5 for 100/150 bar
  • Electronic oil level management TraxOil type OM5 for 130/143 bar
  • Hermetic liquid line filter driers type ADK for 45/47.3 bar
  • Moisture liquid indicators type MIA/CIA for 45/54 bar
  • Ball valves for up to 66 bar

Grundfos: Danish manufacturer of more than 16 million pumps per year used in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, Grundfos showcased its RC pump (refrigerant circulation pump) for an operating pressure of 52 bar g. Optimised for the circulation of liquid CO2 in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, the RC pump uses about one third of the energy of standard centrifugal pumps. The barrel-type pump with a canned motor is a semi-hermetic design with only one central O-ring seal between the pump sleeve and the motor housing. In addition, the pump can be welded into the pipe system eliminating the possibility of leakages in flanges.

Refrigera Industriale: Italian manufacturer and pioneer in CO2 refrigeration components, introduced a new subcritical product line for 52 bar and 75 bar, as well as a transcritical line for 120 bar. The product ranges cover 2 and 3-way ball valves for temperatures ranging from -40 / +150°C, check valves, hybrid ball valves and a 3-way changeover valve. A new 4-way reversing valve, the 4WAYRefrigera, made its debut at Chillventa. For heavy duty application in heat pumps or reversible air conditioning units, the bust-proof valve assures high performance and easy coupling to every actuator model on the market.

KAORI: Thermal and hydrogen technologies company based in Taiwan, KAORI, premiered at Chillventa its compact line of brazed plate heat exchangers dedicated to CO2 commercial refrigeration cabinets, Eco-Cute heat pump technology, transport cooling systems and mobile air conditioning (MAC). The C020/021/022 models of brazed plate heat exchangers have been added to the C series portfolio, suitable for pressures ranging from 70 to 140 bar and ranging from 1~8 kW.

Wieland: Specialist in thermal engineering solutions and industrial tubes designed to save energy, space and material, Wieland-Werke presented its versatile array of products for air conditioning and refrigeration. The K65 high-strength copper alloy tubes for transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems up to 120 bar took centre stage at the Wieland booth. The tubes reduced wall thickness contributes to material and cost savings, while the alloy provides safety and particularly high thermal conductivity.

IBP Group: Conex Bänninger, a leading European plumbing fittings and valves manufacturer and part of the IBP Group, presented the K65 fittings made of CuFe2P, high strength and corrosion resistant copper; part of the K65 tube system for high pressure applications. Suitable for CO2 refrigeration up to 120 bar at an operating temperature of up to 150°C, the fittings come in the variety of 45° and 90° bends, reduction tees, straight couplings, end caps and more. K65 tube (Wieland) and fitting (IBP) system is the only one based in copper that has been TÜV certified according to the EU Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Inficon: Critical sensor technology specialist, Inficon showcased its innovative instrumentation designed to analyse, measure and control gasses in the air conditioning, refrigeration and automotive sectors. The HLD 6000 refrigerant leak detector has an infrared sensor for greater sensitivity, which can help eliminate false alarms due to water, solvents or other contaminants. The product also features an intuitive touchscreen, USB interface for storing measurement data, as well as an optional I/O module to facilitate integration into local networks. The D-TEK CO2 leak detector was also on show, which is the only hand-held, cordless refrigerant leak detector designed especially to detect carbon dioxide. It uses an innovative infrared absorption sensing cell which is extremely selective to CO2 and lasts approximately 1000 hours.


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Oct 22, 2014, 15:34

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