Chillventa 2014: over 40 companies showcase CO2 components for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications – Part 2

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In Part 2 of this article, journalists check-in with more of its GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE Partners to learn about new innovations for CO2 valves, heat exchangers, sensors, tubes and fittings, oil management products and more. +PHOTOS

Leading manufacturers of CO2 components including Alfa Laval, HB Products, Parker Sporlan, Castel, Henry Technologies, Mueller, Temprite, Dena Line, Shrieve, Frigomec, Linde and Thermowave, displayed their latest component innovations at Chillventa in Nuremburg from 14-16 October 2014.

Alfa Laval: With a wide variety of natural refrigerant technologies and the theme “driving the future in heat transfer technologies”, Alfa Laval presented its braze plate heat exchanger range optimised for high pressure CO2 in commercial refrigeration. The Arctigo IS, an industrial heavy-duty air cooler, was on display for medium to large cold rooms capacities 3 to 250 kW. The cooler is designed to keep fresh and frozen goods refrigerated from +10 to -40°C, with either high or low humidity content.

HB Products: Global provider of liquid level sensor and controls for natural refrigerants. HB Products showcased its impressive HBLC-CO2 liquid level transmitter which is now available with a distinctive LED display showing the actual liquid level in percentage. The HBLC-CO2 is suitable for a maximum working pressure of 150 bar, the level transmitter offers a reliable active 4-20mA signal proportional to the refrigerant level, which in conjunction with a PLC/controller is designed to control the liquid level in vessels. A complete family of 90-240 V switches were also on display, including the HBSC2 for CO2.

Parker: One of the world’s largest diversified manufacturers in motion control technologies and systems, Parker Sporlan presented a wide rangeof CO2 solutions for supermarkets including ball valves, distributors, electric valves and controllers, solenoid valves and moisture/liquid level indicators. New on display, the Sporlan gas cooler/flash gas bypass valves (GC an FGB) for CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems feature synthetic seat discs to ensure tight shutoff and high resolution actuators with 2500 steps. The CO Series drier for transcritical CO2 for 155 bar removes moisture, acid and debris from systems under extreme conditions.

Parker Sporlan has opened a new CO2 lab facility in Padua, Italy, allowing the company to support its customers in rack design, efficiency tuning and testing in any climate condition.

Castel: Italian manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning components active in over 75 countries, Castel showcased its renewed range of CO2 components at Chillventa with a focus on its “go green” philosophy.

  • Liquid/Moisture Indicators: series 3940EL for subcritical CO2 up to 60 bar, and series 3740E, 3747E and 3748E for transcritical CO2 up to 80, 120 and 120 bar respectively.
  • Ball valves: series 6570EL and 6590EL for subscritical CO2 up to 60 bar, and series 6590E, 6597E and 6598E for transcritical CO2 up to 80, 120 and 140 bar respectively.
  • Check valves: series 3185EL for subcritical CO2 up to 60 bar, and series 3185E, 3187E, 3188E for transcritical CO2 up to 80, 120 and 120 bar respectively.
  • Motor-driven ball valves with flanged adapter: series 6590EM for transcritical CO2 up to 80 bar, and series 6597EM and 6598EM for transcritical CO2 up to 120 and 140 bar.

Mueller Industries: Over 80 years in production, the US-manufactured Steamline Copper Tubes are engineered and tested for higher pressure refrigerants including CO2. Together with the Steamline Wrot Copper Fittings, the products are UL recognised for 700 PSI (45 bar) and made from Mueller Industries’ exclusive DuraGrain Copper, which features a denser grain structure with 99.9% copper purity.

Temprite: Specialists in energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators and refrigerant oil management products, Temprite exhibited its 920R coalescent oil separator series for subscritical CO2 which features an ultra fine filter in borosilicate glass fiber for superior filtering and contaminant removal. For transcritical CO2 applications, the 130 Series coalescent oil separators are suitable for up to 130 bar. New oil separator models on display included the 138A, with 1.5 times more capacity than the previous model, and the 139A, featuring two connection size options designed for large refrigeration systems. Temprite’s RES7 (seven-liter) oil reservoir is specially designed to work with the 130 Series for CO2.

Dena Line: Serving the European market for refrigeration and air conditioning components. Dena Line displayed its extended range of products suitable for subcritical and transcritical CO2 which use special materials that withstand up to PS 200 bar and TS -40 / +130 °C. A new ball valve series for CO2 systems features copper ODS up to 54mm and PS 120 bar. Other products for CO2 include liquid receivers and suction accumulators with heat exchangers, oil receivers, mechanical filters, mufflers, components for receivers and more.

Klimal by Frigomec: Having merged in the Spring of 2013 with Klimal Italia, Frigomec has an impressive average production capacity of 2,500 pieces per day of liquid receivers at its 21.600 m2 facility located in Legnago, VR, Italy. For 45 years the company has produced refrigeration and air conditioning components including horizontal and vertical liquid receivers, mufflers, oil separators, rotalock valves and suction accumulators both with or without heat exchangers.

Henry Technologies: UK-based Henry Technologies is a global provider of flow control products to enhance efficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. For transcritical CO2 systems, Henry has introduced several new components, including high pressure ball valves for a maximum working pressure of 120 bar and an operating temperature of -40°C to +120°C. The function of the ball valve is to provide isolation in liquid and gas applications with single or bi-directional flow where little restriction is desired. In addition, CO2 oil reservoirs and separators were introduced for up to 130 bar, providing oil separation efficiency up to 97%. A new 5701AX high pressure relief valve in brass, for 46 to 130 bar, protects against over-pressure in transcritical refrigeration systems.

Linde: With a presence at the Tega booth, Linde Gases Division is a global leader in industrial gases, providing compressed, bulk, specialty and medical gases, as well as refrigerants to virtually all fields of industry. Linde supplies natural refrigerants worldwide including R744 (CO2), R717 (ammonia) and a wide range of hydrocarbon-based refrigerants which have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and negligible global warming potential (GWP).

Shrieve: For both stationary and mobile refrigeration and air conditioning systems, the Shrieve group offers a full range of synthetic lubricants suitable for CO2 applications. The ZEROL® RFL-EP lubricant series for CO2 refrigeration and air conditioning has attained world-class compressor OEM approvals, including Bitzer, Dorin, Frascold and Sabroe. Performance advantages of the ZEROL RFL-EP range include miscibility with CO2 over a wide range of lubricant concentrations and temperatures, and high chemical and thermal stability.

Thermowave: Together with its partner companies Güntner and JAEGGI, Thermowave presented its entire spectrum of technologies in the field of heat exchangers. For CO2 high pressure applications, thermoPlus plate heat exchangers provide high thermal efficiency, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance and a flexible modular design for an operating pressure of 50 bar. The product can be used for any industrial cooling processing requiring low evaporating temperatures.


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