Konvekta AG: CO2 leading choice for MAC in buses

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Konvekta AG, a leading manufacturer of thermal systems for commercial vehicles, confirms that CO2 is the optimal refrigerant choice for mobile air conditioning in buses, both in terms of environmental sustainability and cost savings through lower fuel consumption. The company has taken the decision to use CO2 in its commercial vehicles and is confident that it will be able to launch a robust system on the market within the next few years.

With a long history researching and development eco-friendly refrigerants, Konvekta AG knows a thing or two about the application of CO2 in mobile air conditioning. Other than being a cost efficient and environmentally sustainable solution, CO2 can consume up to 25% less fuel. Therefore it comes as no surprise the company has announced the green refrigerant as central to its future plans for air conditioning in buses. In fact, Konvekta’s CO2 philosophy is echoed by much of the German automotive industry, as the Deutsch Umwelt Hilfe (DUH) has called for a swift transition to eco-friendly CO2 air conditioning in buses.

Going CO2 – the benefits & challenges

Konvekta AG has chosen CO2, not only because it is environmentally friendly with zero ozone depleting potential and 1,400 times lower greenhouse gas contribution that R134a, but because CO2 air conditioning systems can also be more cost efficient by consuming less fuel. In addition, CO2 has good thermodynamic properties, high volumetric cooling performance and good thermal transmission efficiency. In the field of service and maintenance, substantial savings in time and costs can be achieved with CO2, as there is no necessity for recovery or disposal of the refrigerant arising after repair or maintenance work.

Further reductions in consumption are possible by utilising the air-conditioning unit as a thermal heat pump for heating the interior of the bus, or for battery climate control for alternative drives. Finally, the benefits of CO2 as an industrial “waste product” cannot be beaten when considering the emissions of production in the overall energy balance.

Due to the thermodynamic properties of CO2, which result in higher pressures in an air conditioning unit, the entire system and all its components require a new design optimised for CO2.

Fault-free operation is possible

Konvekta AG emphasises that fault-free operation over a period of several years is possible through a combination of construction related measures and suitable components that meet the special demands of CO2. The company will continue to conduct research and field tests for CO2 air conditioning and, according to Dr. Constantin H. Schmitt, Managing Director of Konvekta AG, is “confident of being able to launch a robust system in the market within the next few years.”

About Konvekta

Konvekta was founded in 1957 to provide integral thermal solutions for commercial vehicles. The family-owned company is now established as a reliable partner for the commercial vehicle and rail industry in the field of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating technology. Konvekta offers standardised solutions for a wide vehicle range as well as specialized solutions for non-standard applications.


By R744.com team (@r744)

Jan 23, 2015, 10:35

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