R744.com new services explained – 1. Free Membership

By R744.com team, May 14, 2008, 00:00 2 minute reading

In a series of articles, R744.com introduces you to the new services and features offered on the platform for CO2 Technology. Today, you can learn how to create your own free account on R744.com and start benefiting from the additional advantages of becoming a member.

Over the past months, R744.com has identified a growing community of experts already working with the natural refrigerant CO2, as well as a rising number of companies, research institutes and end-users interested in driving the use of R744 in different application fields. One way to learn, share & work “Everything R744” more effectively is the free Membership now offered by R744.com.

Registering as an R744.com Member takes you only two minutes. Already today, the free Membership thus offers you four key benefits:
  1. Manage your News Alerts: From now on, R744.com gives you direct control over the news alerts you want to receive. Just select the option “I want to receive R744.com news alerts” on the registration page and choose the news category you are interested in. As a new service, R744.com now offers a Weekly Newsletter, with updates on different sections of the website, including new articles, products, partners, forum discussions, jobs, papers, and upcoming events. To manage your email alerts just use the “Edit News Alerts” option on your Profile page.
  2. Upload & Save files: In your Private Profile, you can save relevant documents, images, and spreadsheets for an easy access to your files from wherever you are. Moreover, you can store relevant news articles, products, papers and jobs from the website in your “Favourites” to avoid long searches. Just select the “Add to Profile” option on top of the relevant sections to see the links on your Profile page.
  3. Download Papers: R744.com offers the web’s most extensive database of presentations, studies, legislation, and articles covering CO2 Technology. Over the coming weeks and months, we will constantly add more publications freely accessible for every registered member.
  4. Discuss in the R744.com Forum: Become actively involved in the discussions on technical, commercial and legal issues regarding the refrigerant R744 in cooling and heating solutions. As a member you are free to start new threads and post comments to existing discussions.
How to Register

On every page of R744.com you can find a login field with a “Register” button to send you to the Registration page. Fill in the required fields, choose the news alerts you want to receive, and login with your Username and Password on the login field. This will take you to your Member Profile.

R744.com homepage
R744.com homepage
R744.com homepage

Next to come: Networking on R744.com

As a next major step, R744.com will give registered members the opportunity to connect to other CO2 Community Members via an internal messaging system. Each member may choose to display a Public Profile to be seen by other members, send messages and share documents with selected contacts. R744.com will hence facilitate your B-to-B networking and strengthen its role as an interactive platform for all interested in CO2 Technology.


By R744.com team (@r744)

May 14, 2008, 00:00

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