Haier-Carrier installation shows place of CO2 in China's commercial refrigeration sector

By Robert Davidson, Jul 15, 2015, 16:56 3 minute reading

The Haier-Carrier pump CO2 system is a technology principally designed to use CO2 in a bid to reduce the selection of HCFCs and HFCs as refrigerants. The use of CO2 reduces the need for the use of HFCs to just the machinery room, making this a key installation in China.

The publication of shecco’s GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in China – State of the Industry 2015 provided key insights into five significant markets, including the growing strength of China’s commercial refrigeration sector. In this chapter, the locations of the 8 Chinese supermarkets currently utilising natural refrigerants were detailed. In addition to this, case studies on current installations were included to add extra information, including one a Haier-Carrier pump CO2 system installed in a supermarket located in Ningbo, in the very east of China.

Key features of pump CO2 system

Traditionally, CO2 refrigeration systems work under high pressures and with current technology, most medium-temperature refrigeration systems use large quantities of refrigerant, with CO2 only being used in low-temperature (LT) refrigeration systems. Haier-Carrier’s CO2 pump system increases the role of CO2 in the system to minimise the role of HFCs and HCFCs. The LT refrigeration system uses CO2 direct expansion systems and the medium temperature (MT) refrigeration systems use a pump to send CO2 in an indirect refrigeration cycle. At the same time, the system combines water-cooled condensing systems to circulate the cascade high-temperature HFC refrigerant only in the machinery room, in order to reduce the use of HFCs significantly.

In January 2013, Haier-Carrier designed the first system using this technology in a supermarket in Ningbo, China, utilising all-CO2 equipment. The system uses a CO2 pump system in medium temperatures. In low temperature refrigeration and the ice-making application, the system utilises the CO2 direct expansion system. The system has a cooling capacity for MT of 341.78kw and LT of 90.4kW and the mechanical room is up to 90m2 in size. The other components of this system include.

Medium temperature equipment:
  • 27 multideck and semi-multideck systems with capacities of 87.1kW
  • 15 service counters with capacities of 14.4kW
  • 5 cold rooms with capacities of 26.7kW
  • 4 preparation rooms with capacities of 28.3kW

Low temperature equipment:
  • 5 glass door freezers with capacities of 6.6kW
  • 17 island freezers with capacities of 15.54kW
  • 3 cold rooms with capacities of 17.06kW
  • 2 ice makers with capacities of 21.8kW

Reduced environmental impact and pleasing performance

As well as reducing the environmental impact of the refrigeration system, the system also benefits from CO2’s excellent heat exchange efficiency, which can reduce the refrigerant charge by almost 50%. As with other systems using CO2, the design can be more compact, saving on the machinery room space for clients as well as the amount of copper tubing required. The energy efficiency of this system is 10% higher compared with a conventional system using other refrigerants and also saves operation cost for clients.

The system has functioned without problems since operation commenced, with pressure and other factors all meeting design requirements. The supermarket using this system has so far attracted many customers and cold storage clients as visitors to learn about the system’s operation.

About Haier-Carrier

Qingdao Haier-Carrier Refrigeration equipment co., ltd. is a joint venture by Haier and Carrier, which began in 2001. In the last ten years the venture has developed a global-scale production factory and is ISO9001 and UTC ACE certified. Its products include supermarket display units, compressor units, which all provide comprehensive refrigeration solutions for clients. With the support of R&D centres in Mainz, Germany, and in Shanghai, Haier-Carrier boasts R&D labs recognised by the Chinese government.


By Robert Davidson

Jul 15, 2015, 16:56

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