New CAREL electronic expansion valve for all sizes

By Charlotte McLaughlin, Feb 21, 2017, 17:24 2 minute reading

The ExV-Z series will extend Italian manufacturer CAREL’s line of expansion valves and can be used with CO2 as the refrigerant.

An example of CAREL's ExV-Z expansion control

CAREL, a multinational control specialist for the air-conditioning, refrigeration and air humidification sectors, has extended its electronic expansion valve offering to include a new series with one valve body for all sizes – the ExV-Z – to be used with refrigerants like R744. 

Andrea Dalan – Valves, Drivers & Flow Control Platform Manager at CAREL – explained that the design has been improved, keeping the new valve’s refrigerant expansion section separate from the body connected to the piping. 

“This improvement means the same valve body can be used for all sizes, with significant results in terms of simplification and improved usability,” Dalan said.

Energy savings of up to 30%

The new ExV-Z is perfectly compatible with CO2, efficiently combining environmental friendliness and energy savings.

When used in conjunction with CAREL’s electronic controller, this electronic expansion valve can help achieve energy savings of up to 30% in certain applications.

The same valve body can be used for all sizes, with significant results in terms of simplification and improved usability." - Andrea Dalan, CAREL

The valve features stepper motor technology that ensures stable and reliable refrigerant flow control, a replaceable built-in filter that simplifies inspection, and the use of a new stator with the highest degree of protection (IP69K), meaning that it can be installed in environments with extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

The ExV family can be used for cooling capacities from 1 to over 2,000 W and is usable in all refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. 

The valve was developed in response to feedback from manufacturers and installers. “We focused our development efforts on the individual components of the ExV-Z,” said Dalan. “The result is that now the right valve size can be chosen directly in the field, thus optimising logistics, installation and maintenance.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Feb 21, 2017, 17:24

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