TEKO presents ROXSTA CO2 unit for small stores

The ROXSTAcube integral concept provides cooling, heating and air-conditioning for small retail stores.

EuroShop took place in Düsseldorf, Germany on 5-9 March

ROXSTAcube integral

Responding to growing demand for integrated heating and cooling systems in European convenience stores, TEKO’s new ROXSTAcube integral concept – launched at the EuroShop tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany – provides cooling, heating and air-conditioning from the refrigeration system, avoiding the need for a separate air conditioning unit.

“It’s a CO2 unit for discount markets that provides refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating all-in-one. It goes up to 70 kW and is designed for the normal discounter market,” TEKO Managing Director Andreas Meier told R744.com.

The integrated system saves the customer from having to invest in separate refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating systems.

TEKO presents 'Evalift'

The new ‘Evalift’ solution for increasing the evaporating temperature in CO2 cooling systems was also on display at the TEKO booth.

Alexander Wirsching, the company’s technical manager, argued that Evalift could be more effective than using liquid ejectors. “It can be used not just in medium-temperature but also in low-temperature applications, delivering very high efficiency improvements,” Wirsching said.

“It’s a good alternative to ejector technology, because it’s easier for installers and maintenance personnel to understand and to handle,” he argued.

Customer demand is driving the adoption of CO2 in Europe."
– Nadine Neuberger, TEKO

Nadine Neuberger, marketing manager at TEKO, told R744.com that the company is investing primarily in CO2 solutions because demand for the technology among European retailers is high.

“Customer demand is driving the adoption of CO2 in Europe,” Neuberger said.

By Andrew Williams

Mar 13, 2017, 13:10

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