Greencold becomes Bronze Partner on

By Rico Meyn, Nov 26, 2018, 17:28 1 minute reading

British company Greencold has become a Bronze Partner on

Greencold, a British contracting company for the design, supply and installation of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, has become a Bronze Partner on 

The company first looked at CO2 technology back in 2004 but wanted to observe developments in the market first, according to Simon Andrew, director of Greencold. Today the firm is optimistic in the growth prospects for CO2 in view of the HFC phasedown, and CO2’s thermodynamic performance and environmental friendliness. 

The fact [CO2] is an environmentally sound refrigerant with excellent thermodynamic properties with non-flammability and low toxicity makes it favourable to us and our customers.”
– Simon Andrew, director, Greencold

Greencold sees potential for CO2 to become the default refrigerant, if developments in energy efficiency and reliability continue, as well as the increased availability of training and ‘off-the-shelf’ components. 

The company already observes an increase in the uptake of CO2 systems. As well as the fact that it is future-proof, Greencold attributes the success of R744 to the refrigerant’s low cost, and similar system delivery and installation times to that of a comparable HFC system. 

With continued developments in energy efficiency, reliability and with readily available ‘off-the-shelf’ components and training for engineers, this sector should become the default refrigerant.
– Simon Andrew, director, Greencold

Greencold recently installed a transcritical CO2 system with an LT cooling capacity of 180 kW and an evaporating temperature of -28°C for air blasting food for a processing company in the United Kingdom. 

At the moment, the firm has several ongoing projects, including a multi-temperature transcritical CO2 plant for cold stores and freezers with heat reclaim, and process gas cooling. 

By Rico Meyn

Nov 26, 2018, 17:28

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