Australian Green Cooling advocate resumes work

By team, Jun 04, 2009, 16:50 2 minute reading

Founded to build upon the legacy of the Green Cooling Council, the Green Cooling Association will bring the industry together to facilitate discussions and generate awareness of the importance of increasing the uptake of CO2 technology in achieving emissions reductions.

Less than half a year after the premature demise of Australia-based Green Cooling Council promoting natural refrigerants due to problems with the supporting government funding agency, the Green Cooling advocate has resumed its work. The revitalised Green Cooling Association is seeking the support of entities from Australia and beyond which will enable it to grow and gain influence.

An advocate for R744

“A key objective of Green Cooling Association will be to bring the industry together to facilitate discussion and generate awareness of the importance of increasing the rate of uptake of CO2 to achieve near term emissions abatement of high GWP HFCs. A central aim is to achieve an Australian phase out of HFCs in new equipment by 2015, at least in systems of over 10 Kg refrigerant charge”, says Brent Hoare from Green Cooling Association.

“The Australian Supermarket industry is committed to pursuing CO2 solutions, and although the most efficient systems are still a matter of ongoing debate, the direction is clear”, he adds. The continued interest of the Australian industry in natural refrigerants was already demonstrated earlier this year, when a partnership of industrial players active in the country, called eCO2 Technologies, launched a website, reminding that natural refrigerants and especially CO2 have a vital role to play in the region.

The mission of the association

Green Cooling Association is an organisation for environmentally responsible refrigeration and air-conditioning practitioners and anyone interested in reducing the industries’ environmental footprint to:
  • provide a united voice for the natural refrigerants industry in the media, trade publications and websites
  • find and share information on cutting edge industry news and developments
  • make contact with other industry professionals
  • gain recognition for your professional achievements
  • provide encouragement for young industry professionals
  • discuss issues confronting the industry and contribute your views online through this website and http://www.googlegroups/greencooling
  • support and contribute to debate on many global online forums
  • have input to Green Cooling submissions to Governments and regulators
  • advocate for fair treatment of natural refrigerants in the development of industry standards
  • support Australasian natural refrigerants industry participation in vitally important international climate negotiations
  • support collaboration with and provision of expert advice to leading international environmental organisations actively campaigning against fluorocarbons, including Greenpeace International and the Environmental Investigation Agency
  • contribute to the education of the broader industry, environmental NGOs and the general public


By team (@r744)

Jun 04, 2009, 16:50

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