Free shecco report: The EU Market for CO2 Commercial Refrigeration

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To help suppliers and retailers analyse threats and opportunities for the natural refrigerant CO2 in European supermarkets, shecco has summarised key findings from several of its tailor-made market studies. The report can be downloaded from for free.

In times when economic constraints, consumers’ demands, and legal pressure have mounted to form one of the biggest challenges the retail industry has been facing so far, the need for more sustainable ways of trading foodstuff has become crucial. Where business-as-usual strategies do not offer a future-proof solution to the climate crisis we are facing today, natural refrigerants have found their way back into supermarkets of tomorrow. Especially CO2, currently making inroads into the European market, has attracted the interest of major retail chains. Steadily rising numbers of CO2 (R744) transcritical and subcritical installations speak a clear language.

Based on several extensive tailor-made market analyses and partner assessments carried out this and last year, shecco has compiled a summary of main policy and industry trends moving the European market for CO2 commercial refrigeration. The 25-pages overview outlines legislative initiatives at the EU and national levels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. It tries to provide a first answer to some of the most pressing questions about barriers and opportunities affecting a potential investment in R744 supermarket systems. Combining publicly available data, but more importantly face-to-face meetings and first-hand research among the industry, the overview provides concrete figures of CO2 installations in the EU today and gives an overview of how many companies are already active or willing to invest in CO2 Technology in the near future.

The content

More specifically, the report touches upon the following issues:
  • Summary of Key Trends
  • The European Food Retail Market
  • SWOT Analysis for CO2
  • Policy Drivers EU & National
  • Market Analysis EU & National
  • Conclusions
Helping companies to make the right decisions

“We know how difficult it is at times to understand the market and gather all the right data in one place to make the right investment decisions, especially in difficult economic times or when quick moves are crucial to grow an innovative business. This short overview of the European market for CO2 commercial refrigeration just serves as an example of what shecco can do to help you thoroughly scan the market, identify threats and opportunities, and find the right facilitators to bring your technology faster to the market,” says Nina Burhenne, Marketing Manager, shecco. 

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If you are interested to learn more about the tailor-made market research and partner assessments shecco offers in the field of natural refrigerants (commercial refrigeration, heat pumps, MAC etc.), contact Nina Burhenne at, or call: +32 2 230 3700.

About shecco

shecco is a Marketing & Communications company helping its partners to bring their climate-friendly technologies faster to the market. Its integrative range of services offered in the fields of sustainable HVAC&R and electric vehicle technology comprises public affairs and market research, as well as B2B online platforms and events management.


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Jun 19, 2009, 09:55

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