ABOUT Space Engineering Services

Space Engineering Services is an international provider of Refrigeration and Building Services, including the manufacture of refrigeration plant technology. Established in 1988 by a group of engineers committed to delivering a first class, customer focused service.

Space Engineering Services continues to be at the forefront of the latest refrigeration technologies, utilising environmentally acceptable refrigerants. The company has invested significantly in the underlying technology, the tools, equipment and people needed to manufacture and maintain CO2 systems.

To date Space Engineering has manufactured, upgraded and installed over circa 4,000 packaged plant solutions, the majority of which have been developed to customer bespoke specification, and includes circa 400 CO2 packs.

To ensure their engineers are competently trained and have the skills to deliver ongoing Service and Maintenance for these systems, the company conducts in-house CO2 training sessions. To date, 188 of our engineers have undergone CO2 training, and these figures are continually rising.


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