ABOUT Systemes LMP

Systemes LMP manufactures one of the most adaptable Transcritical refrigeration solution on the market. Their technology can be engineered, manufactured and adapted to meet the needs of your supermarket, agribusiness, refrigerated warehouse or ice rink. The efficiency and performance of these systems has been awarded multiple Platinum Green Chill certifications.

Systemes LMP solutions are adapted and engineered to be installed in southern climates. These transcritical solutions operate at the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio on the market today compared to a conventional parallel pack.

Systemes LMP are innovators in the CO2 market. All their technologies have been tried and tested in their own testing facility before being brought to the market. In order to make the implementation of CO2 system a successful venture, the following key points must be satisfactorily addressed.

1) Cooling strategies and separate suction groups
2) Defrost cycles and delays as per the manufacturers specifications
3) Type of control strategies
4) Stable oil circulation
5) Seasonal temperatures
6) Energy consumption in a transcritical phase
7) Heat reclaiming and dehumidification strategies
8) Correct line size to minimize all pressure drops

Systemes LMP has addressed all these issues in their design to ensure that your installations are a success in every way.  Staff members are ready to guide you through the design process to insure that you benefit fully from the energy savings offered by the company's CO2 solution, thus contributing towards the reduction of environmentally harmful legacy refrigeration systems.


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