Fenagy A/S was founded in the summer of 2020 and focusing on manufacturing effective and competitive heat pumps and refrigeration systems with CO2 as refrigerant for district heating and industrial applications. Our purpose is to help our customers within district heating and industrial refrigeration with a green and sustainable transition into the future of heat production and industrial refrigeration. There is a broad recognition that global warming is created by humans. A significant part of the solution must come through the use of more effective and sustainable technology.

Fenagy’s technology is based on electric heat pumps and refrigeration systems using CO2 as refrigerant.

Fenagy's systems deliver effective and robust supply of temperature and capacity adapted to customer needs. By using green electricity, we can secure a production of heating and refrigeration, which is CO2 neutral. Fenagy’s focus is on custom-made and factory-built technology. We are here to give our customers advise on the most sustainable solutions and to participate in designing their complete solution. Finally, we focus on making the installation, commissioning, optimization, and service of the systems easy.

Benefits with industrial heat pumps and refrigeration systems working with CO2 as refrigerant:

  • CO2 is a natural working fluid
  • Non-toxic nor flammable
  • Natural refrigerant with no ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential (GWP=1)
  • CO2 can work in a very wide temperature range for both heating, cooling and freezing applications
  • CO2 offers high performance of the cycle with low complexity of the system design
  • First cost and service cost are radically lower compared to most other technologies